Last Week of Marathon Training

Hi Guys!  It seems funny posting this since the race is over with, but this was the last week leading up to the race.  I had this already written up to Saturday.  So, I’ll go ahead and let you see what I did during my last week of training.   My goal going into this week was to make sure I was hydrating and resting.  I didn’t want to get to that start line and be tired before I started.  I think I did pretty well with both of those goals.  On Wednesday, it really started to sink in that it was finally here.  I started getting excited and nervous!  Also this week, I broke my plank streak.  I made it to day 15.  I’ll try to do another streak soon.  Here’s how my week went.    

Monday – I woke up Monday morning wide awake and completely refreshed.  It’s the best feeling starting the week off like that.  I had a big bowl of fruit and an English muffin for breakfast. 

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Then I had some pasta for lunch.  Monday was a rest day from running, but Jake wasn’t having that.  It had rained all day Sunday, and most of the day Monday.  Once it stopped we headed out for a walk run.  He was so full of energy from being stuck inside for two days that he wanted to run! 

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We ended up running a mile, and then walking another half mile.  After our walk, I did some blogging, and then when Jeremy came home, we took Jake for another walk.  Monday evening we relaxed and watched TV.  I fixed us breakfast for dinner.  We had toast, eggs, and hash browns.  After dinner, I fell asleep on the couch and stayed there for a couple of hours until I went to bed.

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Tuesday – When I woke up on Tuesday, it was raining again!  After work, I ran by Walmart to pick up a few things that I needed for the race this weekend….KT tape, granola bars, and I tried to find a new knee brace.  The one I have is stretched out, and it’s white.  I wanted a newer black one.  But, this was all they had. 

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I also treated myself to a drink while I was there. 

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I tried on the brace when I got home and was going to run in it, but it was waaaay too tight, and it hurt!  So, I’ll take it back.  There was a break in the storms, and I took advantage and headed out for a three mile run.  It was very muggy and hot, but it was an easy run. 

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My knee did hurt after I got done.  I wore a brace during the run, so I didn’t notice any pain then.  But afterward when I took the brace off, it hurt bad!  When I finished running, I took Jake for a walk.  Then I went home to stretch and shower.  Jeremy and I sat on the porch for a little while before it started raining again.  While we were out there, Jake decided that he wanted to pick up all of the sticks and branches in the yard, and then he rolled in a mud puddle!  He does not like having to stay in the house while it rains! 

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Once we went inside, I iced my knee for awhile, and I ended up having to take some ibuprofen because it was really aching.  🙁    Then we decided to order a pizza.  I really didn’t want to cook, because it’s usually late before Jeremy is ready to eat, and then it puts me cleaning up the kitchen around 9:30-10, and then that puts me winding down and going to bed after 11!  My goal this week was to rest as much as possible so when race day came, I wasn’t tired.  So, we ordered a pizza and some hot wings from Dominos.  Since they deliver!  I actually tried the habanero wings, and they were really good.  They weren’t hot at all until they went down!  Lol

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After dinner, we played with Jake.  He was still so full of energy! 

His current favorite toy
His current favorite toy

We finally got him to calm down and go to bed, and we did too.  It was storming again, so the sound of rain was very soothing and helped me go to sleep. 

Wednesday – I woke up Wednesday morning to..guess what..rain!!  It has been raining since Sunday! I had a French toast bagel with a tablespoon of brown sugar cream cheese for breakfast. 

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It was so good, and it reminded me why I don’t eat bagels.  I love them too much!  They have so many calories and carbs in them, but they are so, so good.   I used to be obsessed with Panera’s bagels.  We don’t have one in our town, so every time I was in a city that did, I would get a baker’s dozen to take home.  My favorites were the cinnamon crunch and blueberry.  I would also get a tub of the honey walnut cream cheese to go with them.  I haven’t had one of those since I was in college, and it’s probably been that long since I had any bagels! 

After work, I had a hair appointment.  I was desperately in need of a trim!  Then, I ran by Hibbett’s to look for a new knee brace, but I had no luck.  I also stopped by the health food store to pick up some ear candles for Jeremy.  While I was there, I saw some beet juice.  I recently read that beet juice is really good for runners, so I grabbed a bottle of it.

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OMG!  It stuck bad and I actually tried it, and I gagged!  So gross!

The rain quit around noon and the sun came out.  So, when I got home, I took Jake for a walk.  He wanted to run, so we ended up running 2 miles, and that was good enough for me.  I actually had 4 scheduled, but my knee was still sore so I decided not to push it.  While we were running, one of our neighbors was coming home and she stopped to wish me luck in the race.  I thought that was so sweet!  

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We also saw the little cougar.  Jeremy thinks it is a real cougar.  I tried to tell him that its really sweet and tame, but he said it at least has to be half cougar.  I tried to talk him into letting me keep it but he said no.  I think it belongs to our neighbor, but I’m not sure.  

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After running, I stretched for a long time!  Then I iced my knee on the front and the back.  I am crossing my fingers that it’s just sore, or just has some fluid in it.  I completely tore my MCL and LCL in college and had to have surgery to repair them.  Right now, my knee is not swollen and blue like it was when I tore them, and I can walk and run on it just fine.  It’s just swollen and sore.  I may need to take some time off after the race to let it heal.  

I was planning on cooking tacos for dinner.  But, neither one of us were hungry around dinner time.  I finally got a little hungry around 9:30 and fixed cereal.   I had the new Nature Valley cereal.  I love all Nature Valley products!  But, I could only eat about half of it.  My appetite has been way off.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m hoping that now that all the hard training is over, it will go back to normal.    

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Then I laid on the couch and watched TV for a little while before going to bed.  

Thursday – Today was my last run of the week before the race!  I had 2 miles to do.   My knee was still hurting, so I decided to just take Jake for a long walk.  We walked and jogged for 2 miles, and then I went in and iced my knee.

Weekly Wrap 3

 For dinner, I fixed spaghetti and homemade meatballs.  (I’ll post a recipe soon.)  It was really good.   But by this time in the week, I was so sick of pasta and carbs!  

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Friday  – We left town as soon as I got off work to go to Norman so we could stay with Jeremy’s cousins for the weekend.  That way we were not far from the race.  When we got there, we hopped in with Jeremy’s aunt and uncle who were also there for the weekend.  We went by the mall and then by academy.  I bought some Nuun, KT tape, a new headband, and a few energy gels.  After shopping, we went to Saltgrass Steak House to eat dinner.  I ordered a burger, but could only eat half of it.  Nothing else sounded good.  Then we went back to the house to visit for a little while before we all went to bed. 

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Saturday – I was planning on sleeping in for a long time this morning.  But, cousin M was going to her first prom, and her parents were out of state, so I wanted to help her get ready.  So, Jeremy and I got up early so we could go to the race expo to pick up my packet and be back in time to help M get ready. 

a few snaps (runandlivehappy)
a few snacps (runandlivehappy)

Packet pickup was simple.  I was in and out in a couple of minutes.  

Last Week of Marathon Training (15)

I got my bib and a training tee.  

PicMonkey Collage

Then we walked around the expo. 

Last Week of Marathon Training (16)

Last Week of Marathon Training (2)

The first thing I bought was a Flip Belt.  The belt that I have won’t stay in place and it bounces and moves around.  It is also really hard to get my phone in and out of it.  So, I got a new one.  Then I bought a new charm for my necklace. 

PicMonkey Collage

 I also bought some chia energy gels.  They had samples out, and they were really tasty.  And, I bought some Nuun energy. 

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I got my picture made with my bib.  It didn’t turn out very good though because they add a background to it, and since my bib was green, the background showed up on there.  But, it was free!

Jeremy's pic
Jeremy’s pic

They had a trailer that you could walk through of OKC Thunder stuff.  It had all kinds of interactive things like measuring your feet and hands against some of the players, and trivia games, and a photo booth.  

Last Week of Marathon Training (18)

Here’s the wall of bibs for each of the victims.

Last Week of Marathon Training (1)

We spent about an hour walking through looking at everything.  They had a lot of booths, and there were a lot of people there so it wasn’t easy to get through.  It was fun though!  When we finished up at the expo, we rushed back to the house so I could be there with M.  We had a blast doing makeup and hair.  She looked gorgeous in her dress! 


Her date got there around 4:45 and was greeted by a welcoming committee!  There was me and Jeremy, Uncle B and Aunt S, M’s grandma, and M’s grandparents (Jeremy’s other aunt and uncle).  We took a ton of pictures.  Her date picked her up in a vintage Rolls Royce and even had a driver!  We followed them to a house where they were meeting the rest of their group and took a million more pictures.  Then we sent her off to the prom!  I had so much fun and am so glad that I got to be there with her for that.  Last Week of Marathon Training (4)

We left there and went to Johnny Carino’s to eat dinner.  I ordered spaghetti and meatballs with a Caesar salad. 

Weekly Wrap 4

I ate several pieces of bread too.  I couldn’t get through even a quarter of my spaghetti.  But that was okay because I didn’t want to eat too much before the race.  We went back to the house and I tried to take a bath to help me unwind.  They have the biggest bathtub I have ever seen!  It’s like small swimming pool!   But, I was too excited to sleep.  I forced myself to get in the bed around 10:30, but I laid there awake for most of the night.  I woke up every hour, so I finally just got up at 3:45. 

Sunday – I got up and got ready to run!  I fixed some scrambled eggs and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Then I got Jeremy up and gathered all of my stuff and we headed out.  It was about a 20 minute drive to the race and we had no trouble finding somewhere to park.  We got there early, so I had time to find a bathroom and then we were able to easily find my dad. 

Weekly Wrap 2 - Copy (2)

Around 6 am, we headed to our corral to wait for the race to start. 

Last Week of Marathon Training (7)
Us in the corral – sorry it’s blurry

I can’t believe I actually did it!  It was the hardest thing I have ever done, and I’m proud that I finished!  During the second half of the race I got sick, and I almost tapped out.  But, my dad didn’t let me.  I’m so glad he didn’t let me.  He said he would have carried me across that finish line if he had to.  I will have a complete race recap up tomorrow (Tuesday) night.  Make sure you check it out! 

I was bawling! Tears of joy!
I was bawling! Tears of joy!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  

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  1. Crystal Renaud

    Congrats girlfriend! So happy for you! That last picture brought tears to my eyes xo

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      Ahh you’re so sweet! Thanks for following along and for the encouragement! xo

  2. HoHo Runs

    I actually read your race recap first! I couldn’t wait. 😉 I’m so proud of you for sticking with it and pushing through when you were not feeling well. That takes such mental strength! Your dad was awesome to stay with you and encourage you too. It is an ENORMOUS accomplishment to come across the finish line of a marathon. Very few people have done it. You should be very proud of what you accomplished. YOU.DID.IT. Thanks for linking with us Tara!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! ? I am proud! I really can’t believe we did it!! And now I’m actually thinking about doing another one!

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