My Kind of Weekend

Hi guys!  Another weekend has come and gone, and I hope you all had a great one!  Mine was awesome, and I got to catch up on some much needed sleep.  I spent the weekend relaxing with family, visiting friends, and eating a lot of good food!  Next weekend is my race, so I wanted to rest a lot this weekend.  I love weekends like this when we don’t have a lot of plans, and we can hang around the house.  It was a really great weekend!

Friday afternoon and evening I sat outside on the porch with Jake for as long as I could.  

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The weather was absolutely beautiful.  It’s been warm and my roses are already blooming!  

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Friday night, Jeremy’s aunt and uncle came to town to visit for the weekend.  When they got here, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant to eat.  Since I had to run early Saturday morning, I didn’t want to eat anything too greasy.  So, we ordered fajitas, and I ate a few pieces of chicken and rice.  We did have some queso fundido (plate of melted cheese) for an appetizer, and I ate a little bit of it.  I love that place, and would be happy eating anything there!  I completely forgot to take any pictures.  I even had my phone sitting on the table, but I forgot! 

After dinner, we headed back to my father-in-law’s house to visit for awhile.  We went home around 11, and I went straight to bed.  I woke up early Saturday morning, and was wide awake!  I met my dad, and we ran 8 miles in the rain and mist.  After running, I cleaned up and then laid down in my recliner for a little while. 

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I actually dozed off, until I got a text from Jeremy’s uncle about going to the ballgame.  I got ready and rode with them to Jeremy’s baseball games.  He was umping a tournament, and had two games on Saturday.  We watched his second game, and oh my, the parents!  I cannot understand how people can yell and scream at the umpires so much over every little thing.  If that was my parent, I would have been mortified and told them not to come back!  One lady was yelling at one of the kids to get his a$$ on base!  What makes me laugh though, is the ones that are the loudest, are the ones that know nothing!  Seriously, just sit there and watch the game! 

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When that one was over, we stayed to watch the last game.  That game was best friend’s team.  Her husband coaches, and her son plays.  So I got to see her, and another really good friend!  I had fun hanging out with the two of them.  When we got back to town, we went to eat dinner.  We tried out a new fish place.  I am not big on fried fish, and I don’t like having a meal where everything is fried.  But, everyone loves it, and we haven’t eaten fish in years because I don’t like going.  I will admit that there were some things about this meal that I did like. 

First, they brought out bowls of hush puppies before we even ordered.  They were really good.  They had regular and jalapeno.  They also had green tomato relish, and it was really good.  And I don’t even like tomatoes!   I ordered a two piece catfish dinner with a baked potato and side salad.  The salad was big enough for a meal.  I ate one piece of fish, and gave the other to Jeremy.  The potato was hard, so I didn’t eat it.  Jeremy got a sampler, and I tried some of his shrimp and clam strips.  I really liked the popcorn shrimp.  I also tried some French fries.  They were okay, but you could tell they were frozen. 

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I was craving something sweet, so I ordered a fried peach pie.  These people are supposed to be famous for their fried pies.  I liked the size of it.  It wasn’t huge like most are.  And I really liked the filling.  But, I didn’t like the dough.  It wasn’t crispy at all, and it had an off taste to it.  I don’t know if it was because it was still a little doughy. 

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After dinner, we ran in Aldi to pick up a few groceries.  I like doing this after we eat, so that way we are not just sitting around.  My basket was completely full of carbs.  Stuff I don’t normally eat much of.   I bought rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, Gatorade, beets, bagels, frozen fruit, and some turkey, and some other stuff.  I rarely eat rice, and when I do, it’s just a few bites at a Mexican restaurant.  I usually only eat pasta the night before a race, and I never eat bagels.  I am not looking forward to eating this stuff this week, but I know it will help on race day.  One of my friends asked me this weekend about how this training has affected my body.  I think I will do a post about that soon, maybe even this week. 

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I also scored these new spoontulas at Aldi’s!  They are pretty spring colors! 

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After grocery shopping, we took everything home and I threw on some sweats and walked over to my father-in-law’s.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch.  I tried to stay awake, but I just could not keep my eyes open.  I have no idea what time it was when we went home, but I crashed.  I slept until around 10:30 on Sunday morning.  It was pouring when we got up, so we drove across the street to my father-in-law’s.  Jeremy’s aunt fixed tacos for lunch, and strawberry shortcake for dessert!   I love strawberries!

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It was a very lazy day, and I loved every minute of it!  We sat around the house most of the day watching TV and talking.  I did a little bit of blogging, and some online shopping browsing.  When we went home around 5, Jeremy parked himself in his recliner, and stayed there for the rest of the night.  I made some pasta for lunch for the next couple of days.  Does anyone know how long it will keep in the fridge?  I didn’t know how many days in advance I could make it for, so I just did 2.  Then I fixed a grilled cheese for dinner.  We watched the Dodgers play, and also flipped through some other channels.  I went to bed around 10 and slept all night.  I felt great when I woke up on Monday! 

I had such a great weekend!  Of course, I wasn’t ready for it to end.  Are we ever?  But, since I got so much relaxing in, I woke up completely refreshed Monday morning with a ton of energy!  I hope you all have a great week!  

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

Any ideas how long pasta will last in the fridge?

Do you like spoontulas or spatulas?

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2 thoughts on “My Kind of Weekend

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    I love a nice lazy weekend with some good food 🙂 Id say cooked pasta with sauce on it would last 3-5 days in the fridge. I’ve made up like a pasta salad with veggies and dressing and ate it throughout the workweek. It didnt go bad or get weird during the week.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks! That’s good to know. I’m going to make another pot of it tonight to last the rest of the week!

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