My Life From A to Z

Hi Friends!  Today I wanted to share a fun post with you.  Remember those fun annoying email surveys we all used to get?  Well, I decided to post one.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to tag 5 friends in it.  I know this little survey is extremely old, but I recently saw it on a couple of other blogs, and it looked like fun.  It took me a little while to come up with something for every letter!  It’s just random facts about me, which will hopefully help you get to know me better. 

A.  Adventurous : I like to visit new places and see and try new things.

Zipline in Jamaica
Zipline in Jamaica

B.  Books: I love to read!

C.  Chore you hate: I hate to vacuum!    

D.  Dancer: I used to be a dancer.  From the time I was a toddler until I graduated from college, I danced.  I did ballet, jazz, tap, and everything in between.  I even earned a minor in dance in college.  Dancing was my passion, and I still miss it.  But, after I graduated, there was nowhere for me to dance anymore in our town.  So, I found a new passion with running.   

All my shoes from my last year of dance in college!
All my shoes from my last year of dance in college! All the pictures of me dancing are in an album in our building…and I couldn’t get to them.  

E.  Essential start to your day: Green tea.  I have to have some caffeine, or the whole day is shot.    

F.  Fear: My biggest fear is to lose someone I love. 

G.  Graduate: I have three degrees, one undergrad and two masters.

H.  Heights: I am deathly afraid of heights!  I haven’t always been though.  I used to love roller coasters and tall rides.  I have even been bungee jumping before.  But, I would never do it now! 

I.  In love with: My husband, family, my dog, running, and traveling!

Iberostar Grand Resort in Mexico
Iberostar Grand Resort in Mexico

J.  Jewelry: Of course my wedding ring, I never take it off.  I wear earrings every day, and a small cross necklace most days.  When I remember to put it on.

K.  Kids: Someday.  I really want twins!

L.  Lifeguard: I spent two summers in college as a lifeguard. 

M.  Mathematician: I am not!  I absolutely hate math and am horrible at it!

N.  Nickname: Growing up my nickname was Winkie.  I was born with my left eyelid connected to my jaw.  (It can’t be fixed.)  When I chew or talk fast, my eye winks a little bit.  I don’t feel it or see it, but it is noticeable to others.  And, I actually hated this nickname!  But, it started when I was young and stuck. 

O.  Ocean: The ocean is something that I cannot live without.  I love the feeling I get when I stand on the beach and stare out into the open water.  Or, when we are out on the water and all you can see is water all around you.  There’s just something about it that makes me feel so peaceful and like there is something so much bigger out there.  It’s my happy place! 

Negril, Jamaica
Negril, Jamaica

P.  Pet Peeve: Whistling.  I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it just gets on my nerves!  Another pet peeve is when people are in a public place talking extremely loud on their cell phones! 

Q.  Quiet: I am really quiet unless I get to know you. 

R.  Runner: Enough said!
Summer:  It’s my favorite season!  I wish I lived on a tropical island where it was summer all year.

T.  Tattoos: No way!  I do not like needles!  I also don’t think I would like having something on my body forever.  They do look cool, just not for me.     

U.  Unknown fact about me: I am allergic to any kind of laundry detergent except Tide.  I break out in massive hives if I use any other kind. 

V.  Vegetable I dislike: I have only found 2:  celery and tomatoes.   

W. Worst habit: I asked Jeremy what he thought and he said my sweet tooth.  I also have a weird one that I’ll share.  I have done this since I was little and can remember my mom getting onto me for it.  I open something to drink and I drink a few drinks of it and stick it in the fridge.  Then instead of finishing that one, I’ll just open a new one.  Right now I have about 5 open bottles of water in my fridge. 

a to z about me

X.  X-Ray:  umm…I tried to come up with anything else that started with an X, but couldn’t.  I’ve had soooo many x-rays/MRI’s/cat scans.  Of course dental, my knee (torn MCL), my hip (torn hip abductor), my shin (thankfully no stress fracture!), gallbladder , appendix, lungs (too many to even count – always looking for pneumonia), head (a few concussions), and I had a pretty serious 4 wheeler wreck in college, and I am pretty sure they xray’d my whole body (I don’t remember I was unconscious.)   So, there’s my medical history for you!  LOL

Y.  Yuck: Teeth really gross me out!  They always have.  The thought of them pulling away from the gum makes my stomach turn!  It’s turning right now writing this!

Z.  Zodiac sign: Gemini.  I don’t know anything about zodiac signs though, so that really doesn’t mean much to me. 


What are some random facts about you?

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8 thoughts on “My Life From A to Z

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    haha i hate teeth too! and i was also a dancer! I had to stop when I was 17 because my knees were totally dead. I missed more than a month of school and had to go to physical therapy for 2 hours a day…horrible! I still miss it nearly every day!

    Impressive with your degrees–what are all of your degrees in?

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That is really cool we both danced! I miss it so much! I tore up my hip dancing when I was 17 and spent almost a year in therapy and was supposed to stop…but I didn’t. Lol do your knees still bother you now? All my degrees are in education – masters in counseling and administration.

      1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

        They told me to stop multiple times before I finally had to too…dancers are very stubborn with that, huh? haha 🙂 My knee still bothers me quite often, yes but it’s more of an ache rather than excruciating pain like it was before! Very cool–I’m always impressed when people have multiple degrees!

        1. Profile photo of Tara


          Lol yes we are a stubborn group!

  2. Dee @ The Hesitant Runner

    This is so cool — what a great way to get to know you! I had to laugh at your worst habit — I do that too and Hubby always rags on me about it!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol! I’m glad I’m not alone!! I’m happy you liked the post!! It was fun to write!

  3. Tricia@MissSippipiddlin

    What a fun post Tara, I do feel like those little facts about yourself helps others ro relate more to us.
    Let’s see I’ll throw in one. I say fish hooks freak me out. I love to fish and I can put a slimy nasty worm on one but I don’t think I could ever do a tri if it was in open water because of my fear of hooks…. Weird I know. I was hooked when I was little but not even really bad but my daddy scared me when he said they’d have to cut it out at the hospital, which didn’t happen. He got it out, thankfully!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s not weird, especially since you’ve been hooked! I almost think it would hurt worse to pull the hook out!! love to fish, but I hate touching the fish. Lol

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