Easter Weekend

Hi All!  I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!  I’ve enjoyed reading about some of yours, and all the food looks so good!  Mine was not that eventful, and we didn’t do anything exciting, but it was still a good weekend! 

Friday night, I figured out that my Garmin was not charging!  I was so upset!  I tried everything that I could find online, and nothing worked.  I know I haven’t had it long, but I am already attached to it!!  I was almost in tears because I couldn’t get it to work.  I had to run without it on Saturday.  🙁

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Saturday morning I woke up early to meet my dad for our weekly long run.  We ran 18 miles, and it was the best run that I have had yet!  We ran past a huge Easter egg hunt at a golf course in town.  It was for really little kids because the eggs were just scattered all over the grass!  We ended up walking the last mile and just talking.  It was some good
father/daughter time!  4 weeks till our marathon!! 

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When we got finished running, my mom was waiting with an Easter basket for me!  She does this every year!  I got some Hershey’s eggs, and two Rustic Cuffs!!  Usually I just get candy, so I was really really excited about the bracelets!  

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I headed home so I could rest my legs, but Jake was not having that.  He met me at the door and was ready to go on a
walk, which turned out to be more of a run.  He had a lot of energy, and would not slow down!  I took him to the pasture and turned him loose so I didn’t have to run anymore! 

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After his walk, I finally got to sit down.  I had to ice my knee.  After running that much, it was literally three times the size that it should be.  It’s an old injury, but it never bothers me.  I guess all that running irritated it.  After icing it, I had to tape it so I could even put any pressure on it.  Once I did that, it was fine.  I kept thinking is there any part of my legs that I’m not going to have to tape to run this marathon!  LOL  I guess you do what you have to do!  Then I got ready to go to Jeremy’s games.  He was umping a softball tournament and I always go and watch at least a couple of games.  Mainly because they have really good burgers!    I grabbed a drink and headed to the games.  

I love this, but it is drinking my bank account!!
I love this, but it is drinking my bank account!!

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I had a burger and some fries, and ate every bit of them!  I figured that I earned it after running so much!  When the
games were over, we headed home and I messed with my Garmin some more – still nothing.  Later that evening we
went to get some dinner.  We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant.  We were both hungry, but nothing sounded
good, so that’s always our go-to.  Because we love chips and salsa!

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We ordered the Pollo Loco dinner to share.  It had two grilled chicken breasts that were topped with cheese and chorizo, and a side of rice.  The chicken was delicious and so was the chorizo.  But, the chorizo was really spicy, so after a few bites it was burning my stomach! 

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After dinner we did some grocery shopping so we didn’t have to do it on Sunday.  We also wanted to walk off some of
our dinner!  Then we went home and crashed!  We were both so tired that we couldn’t even stay up and watch TV. 

On Sunday, we were planning on visiting some family, but at the last minute plans changed.  Like we were already in the car and on our way.  But, that’s okay because it worked out for Jeremy that we didn’t go.  He had a house that he was working on, and it was supposed to be done by Monday.  He had been umpiring that tournament Thursday  – Saturday, so his crew was working on it.  We were just going to go by there and clean up everything.  But, when we got there it was a disaster!  So, we ended up working for about 6 hours on Sunday trying to get it finished up.  There was so much stuff that hadn’t even been painted yet, and tons of places that had to be touched up.  I had to put plug covers on every plug in the house!  Then, I had to go through and look for places to touch up and do that in each room.  Jeremy and his dad had to paint an entire room that no one had done yet, and then they had to clean up the messes that their guys left.  I guess that’s what happens when the boss is away. 

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Once we got everything done, we stopped and rented Daddy’s Home.  But, it was already close to 8 by the time we were getting home, so I didn’t want to stay up and watch it.  I fixed a grilled cheese for dinner and then laid in the bed and watched TV until I fell asleep. 

Even though this wasn’t an eventful weekend, it was a good one.  Saturday was pretty relaxing, and I needed the rest
after getting up so early to run and running so much.  Plus, I got some sun sitting out at the softball games!  I like weekends like these when we aren’t on the go all the time!  

Oh and I called Garmin first thing Monday morning.  Turns out one of the pins in my charger is broken, so they are sending me a new charger!  WooHoo!!  
What did you do this weekend?

Did you celebrate Easter?  Did it involve food?

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  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sometimes my favorite weekends are the random uneventful ones. 🙂 Glad theyre sending you a new Garmin. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that their Garmin keeps breaking. They always ship new ones but its annoying that they keep breaking. Hope the next one works well for you!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It is annoying! But they were very easy to talk to and were willing to fix it! So that’s a bonus that they had great customer support!

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