Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone!  Another weekend has come and gone, and it was a good one.  We were extremely busy with ballgames and running!  I didn’t get much rest, but it was worth it!  We ate good, and had fun spending time with family.  The most important things!    


Look what came in the mail Friday!! I am so excited about it!  It’s my first one ever and I couldn’t wait to use it for my run on Saturday.  

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Friday night we headed out of town to Jeremy’s games.  We stopped on the way to pick up some snacks for the road.  

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The place we had to go has absolutely no cell service!   It’s hard to believe, but I’m serious!  It’s near a lake, and you drive across a bridge, which is about 15 miles from the town. 

Weekend Recap New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (16)

Weekend Recap New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (15)

As soon as you cross the bridge there is no service!  I feel lost without my phone!  LOL 

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But, I guess it’s good to be away from it sometimes.  I’m glad the games were good because I get really bored when I can’t be on my phone. 

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The gym was packed, and I made a new friend.  An older man came and sat in the seat next to me and talked my ear off the entire girl’s game.  I learned all about his whole life and all of his family.  He was very nice, and it was a nice conversation.  He left when the girl’s game was over, and unfortunately I was left sitting alone.  The crowd on the side I was sitting were the absolute WORST fans that I have ever seen!  I have never heard fans in the crowd yell at the referees and use so many cuss words.  And I go to A LOT of games!  Their team was losing from the beginning of the game, and the fans kept blaming the refs.  They were making fun of them, calling them cheaters, and calling them lots of other words I can’t repeat.  At one point, a bunch of them started yelling at the boys to foul the refs.  They were yelling at them to break their ankles.  Insert some extra curse words there.  A mom stood up and was screaming at her son to take down the ref! 

Crowd yelling at my husband
Crowd yelling at my husband
I was in complete shock.  I have never seen so many grown adults acting so awful!  What was even sadder was that there were several little kids that were standing in the middle of them and they were screaming too.  What are you teaching your kids?  There were grown men leaning over the railing screaming.  When the game was over, instead of clapping for their boys, the whole section was yelling at the refs about how they cost them the game, and they hoped they got their extra money since they were paid off.  I would have moved, but there was literally no other seats in the gym, and Jeremy had the car keys in his bag.  It is so hard to sit there and listen to that.  People just don’t care, and they don’t think about the refs having family too.  It was awful, and that school should be embarrassed by the way their fans represented them.  I was so glad they got beat!!

Check out that score!
Check out that score!
When the games were over, the coach fixed Jeremy and his partner a plate of food.  And, Jeremy shared with me.  A restaurant had catered the event, and they have the BEST pasta I have ever eaten!  It’s from a place in Krebs, Oklahoma called Pete’s Place.  Krebs is known as Oklahoma’s Little Italy.  It’s a town that was established by Italian immigrants, and it is full of authentic Italian restaurants.  Anytime we go out to eat for something special, we usually go to Pete’s.   Jeremy and I shared spaghetti, meatballs, ravioli, and bread.  This was perfect because I like to eat pasta the night before a long run!  We got back to town late, but we went over to Jeremy’s dads to see his aunt and uncle, who were in town visiting.  I got to bed around 12:45 am. 

Saturday morning came early.  I was up at 6:45 so I could get ready to run with my dad.  I was a little worried about this run because the pollen count was up and I hadn’t been able to run outside all week.  We started out on the bike path, and there was no one else on it.  

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I took some of my Bolt energy chews from my Fun Run Box to have during my run.  

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I was hoping that with it being in the morning, it wouldn’t be bad.  And, I was right!  We ran 15 miles, and it was a great run! 

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After my run, I went to meet up with Jeremy, his dad, and aunt and uncle to eat.  I ordered breakfast.  I ordered an omelet with bell peppers and cheese, toast, and a side of grits.  The grits were not done at all and they were cold.  So, I didn’t eat them.  The omelet was good, but I couldn’t eat it all.  I was not very hungry after I ran, which was odd.  I am usually starving! 

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When we were finished, I went home to get cleaned up and use my foam roller.  Then we sat around visiting all afternoon.  Jeremy had games in town that night, so I rode with him to get there early.  I got front row seats!  The girl’s game was ugly.  Neither team could play, and all they kept doing was fouling.  I was very surprised that either one of them were in the playoffs.  But, they boys game was a lot better.  Both teams were pretty good.  They played fast and one team even had a huge guy on there that dunked it.  The first one I have seen all season!    

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Once the games were over, we headed to the new Mexican restaurant to eat dinner.  I was finally hungry!  I ate so much chips and salsa that by the time my meal came, I was already getting full. 

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I ordered a quesadilla dinner.  It came with chicken, peppers, onions, and cheese inside.  I split it with Jeremy, and I still couldn’t eat all of my half. 

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We slept in on Sunday morning.  We both needed it.  Once we got up and around, we went over to my father-in-laws.  Then all of us went to eat.  We had bar-b-que.  Jeremy and I shared “The Lineman” dinner.  It was a 4 meat combo with 2 sides.  We ordered ribs, brisket, polish sausage, and a hot link with fries and okra.  There was so much food; we had some to take home.  I ate a two pieces of brisket, some polish sausage, and fries. 

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After leaving there we ran a few errands and picked up a few groceries.  We went home and sat around visiting until everyone left.  We were still pretty full from lunch, so I didn’t fix any dinner.  Jeremy just ate a sandwich, and I ate some yogurt.  By the time I went to bed, I could barely keep my eyes open! 

I didn’t get a workout in on Sunday for my cross training day, but I did get up a little early Monday morning to do a quick HIIT workout. 

This weekend was fun, and I am always sad when it’s over.  I love the weekends! 

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What did you do this weekend?

Do you feel lost without your phone?

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    On the cruise ship your phone doesnt work at all! Its like when you have to put your phone on airplane mode. You can purchase wi-fi but its expensive and not worth it to me. I was surprised at how much i did not miss my phone once we had to turn it off! Usually at home, I always have it so i was surprised!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      We always turn ours off when we go on vacation, and it never bothers me then. But I always have it on me at home!!

  2. Dee @ The Hesitant Runner

    It feels like you’ve lost connection with the world when you don’t have service! You are going to LOVE that watch. Both my husband and I have one and having owned four different Garmin models now, this is by far my favorite.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m glad to hear that about the watch! So far I’m loving it, but I’m still figuring it out. Have you used it while running on a treadmill?

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