Mid-Week Motivation: Building Mental Toughness

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share some things with you that gave me some motivation this week!  I hope it does the same for you.  I was listening to a Run Buzz podcast about building mental toughness, and it really struck a chord with me.  The host, Steve Carmichael, was saying that you have to “embrace the suck”.  That statement made me laugh, but the more I thought about, the more I understood what it meant.  Not everything is going to be easy, and if you run from the challenges, you are never going to grow.  You have to face challenges head on and embrace them.  Yes, things in life are going to suck.  But, if you embrace them, you will be stronger because of them.  This can be used in any aspect of life.  But, since he was talking about running, he used an example of running hills.  Everyone knows hills suck, but if you run them, they are a tremendous help to building your strength.  more “Mid-Week Motivation: Building Mental Toughness”

Easter Weekend

Hi All!  I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!  I’ve enjoyed reading about some of yours, and all the food looks so good!  Mine was not that eventful, and we didn’t do anything exciting, but it was still a good weekend!  more “Easter Weekend”

Marathon Training Week 14

Hi Everyone!  I finished week 14 of my marathon training, and I’m getting so excited!  Also a little terrified!   I had a really great week of running and working out!  I have kind of felt like most of my training has not been so great, or that I’ve had more bad runs than good runs, but I think (hope) it’s all in my mind.  I felt so much better this week about my running.   And, now I only have four weeks until my marathon! Here’s how my training went this week, and also what I’ve been up to. more “Marathon Training Week 14”

Friday Favorites

Happy Good Friday Everyone!  We made it to the weekend and I hope you are getting a day off work today!  I haven’t done a favorites post in a while, so I wanted to share some of my current obsessions with you and tell you why I am in love with them!  Of course, most of them have to do with running because right now that’s all my life revolves around! But, I’ll throw in a few others too!  more “Friday Favorites”

The Effects of Addiction

I started this blog to write about my running and my life.  The majority of the things that I share on here are positives.  But, life isn’t always positive, and there are parts of my life that I keep private.  I know everyone has negatives in their own lives, so why would they want to read about mine?  But, today I want to share something with you that is a very difficult subject for me to talk about.  Actually, it’s a very difficult subject for me to understand.  But, I’ve been on the other side of it, and I want to share my point of view with you. more “The Effects of Addiction”

A Busy, Busy Weekend!

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!  This past weekend flew by so fast that’s it’s all a little bit of a jumble.  This weekend was pretty eventful…and very draining!  I need another few days to catch up on some sleep and recover.  But, that’s not going to happen, so we just keep going.  Here’s what I was up to this weekend. more “A Busy, Busy Weekend!”

Marathon Training Week 13

Hi Everyone!  I just completed week 13 of my marathon training!  I can’t believe I’m so far into it!  This week was a so/so week in training.  That seems to be a pattern with this.  I have great weeks where I nail all of my runs, and then I have weeks that aren’t great, but also aren’t bad.  This week was one of those.  Life just keeps getting in the way, and it makes it tough to always get in a run, or even the amount of miles that I need.  But, you just have to roll with it and go on!  So, here we go with a recap of my week. more “Marathon Training Week 13”