Marathon Training on Pause

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I love these Weekly Wrap-ups!  I love reading other’s posts about their weekly trainings or workouts.  It not only gives me motivation, but also helps me to see that sometimes we all deal with the same things.  Not all runs are perfect, not all weeks are great.  But, we’re still out there, and in a sense, we’re doing this together.  Another reason that I love these weekly wrap-ups is because of the awesome people that I have met and am getting to know!  The support and advice that I am getting from so many of you is amazing!!  And it’s so great to connect with like-minded people who understand your goals!runners

I also love these wrap-ups because it gives me a chance to reflect on my week while I write about it.  It helps me to see if there was something I could have done differently or better, or realize what I did right if I had an awesome run. 

This week, however, I do not have any running to report.  I had to put my marathon training on hold because I have been super sick!  (If you follow my blog, then you already know this.)  I went for a physical on Monday, January 18th, and was very healthy!  The very next day during my run I noticed that I was having trouble breathing.  I was short of breath and coughing the entire time.  I just thought I was getting congested so I started taking some Mucinex.  Since that day, it continued to get worse.  I took off the rest of that week thinking I would get better.  The next week I ran twice on the treadmill.  Both of them were awful runs that I had to fight to get through.  I had a TON of walking breaks, and breaks to use my inhaler.  I rested again for two days, and then attempted to run 13 miles on that Saturday.  It was the worst run ever and I only made it 7.5 miles.  You can read about it here.

I finally broke down and called the doctor last Monday morning and they got me right in.  She thought I had pneumonia because I had already been sick for two weeks and was just getting worse.  But, she couldn’t hear it yet.  So she diagnosed me with a severe respiratory infection and sent me home with a ton of medicine. 

My Action Packed Weekend and The Doctor's orders New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (1)

The next day I was worse, and continued to get worse this past week.  The medicine didn’t seem to be helping any!  There was absolutely no way that I could run, I could barely get out of bed. 

Finally, on Friday night I started to feel a little bit better.  Since then, I have gotten stronger, and by today I am feeling much better! 

Marathon Training on Pause

This morning I was looking at my training plan, and figuring out how many weeks I have left, and where I needed to start back.  I’m so glad that when I chose this plan, I allowed myself 3 extra weeks in case illness or injury came up.  This way I don’t have to stress about being ready.  At least not yet.  I wrote out the rest of my plan this morning, and am going to start back at week 8.  This will now be my third attempt at week 8!  Here is what my revised training plan looks like now. 

  Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
30-Nov 1 Rest 3 m run 3 m run 3 m run Rest 6 Cross
7-Dec 2 Rest 3 m run 3 m run 3 m run Rest 7 Cross
14-Dec 3 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 3 m run Rest 5 Cross
21-Dec 4 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 3 m run Rest 9 Cross
28-Dec 5 Rest 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest 10 Cross
4-Jan 6 Rest 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest 7 Cross
11-Jan 7 Rest 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 12 Cross
18-Jan SICK
8-Feb 8 Rest 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 13 Cross
15-Feb 9 Rest 3 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 10 Cross
22-Feb 10 Rest 3 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 15 Cross
29-Feb 11 Rest 4 m run 8 m run 4 m run Rest 16 Cross
7-Mar 12 Rest 4 m run 8 m run 5 m run Rest 12 Cross
14-Mar 13 Rest 4 m run 9 m run 5 m run Rest 18 Cross
21-Mar 14 Rest 5 m run 9 m run 5 m run Rest 14 Cross
28-Mar 15 Rest 5 m run 10 m run 5 m run Rest 20 Cross
4-Apr 16 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 4 m run Rest 12 Cross
11-Apr 17 Rest 4 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 8 Cross
18-Apr 18 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 2 m run Rest Rest Marathon

I have used up all of my extra time, so hopefully I will be able to stay healthy and uninjured.  Crossing my fingers!!  I am going to play this week by ear.  I really want to get in the 13 miles.  I know how important the long runs are.  But, I’m not sure about the other runs.  I will just have to see how I feel each day.  I don’t want to relapse because I tried to push myself to get in a short run.  I may try to get in a couple of miles each day, or just wait until the end of the week and see how I feel.  I’m not going to push it though.  I still have time!

Thank you for letting me link up and for reading my posts!  I am ready to go forward with this training, and cross that finish line! 

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. I’m also linking up with the other Weekly Wrap bloggers.

How did your training go this week?

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10 thoughts on “Marathon Training on Pause

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Glad youre feeling better! 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Diane

    Good to hear you are feeling better and you look great! That’s great that you took the time off you needed and you’ll still be OK by race day! I agree with you with regards to this link-up being really great. It does help to read how others cope with issues that we all , most likely, come across at some time or another. I happened to have gotten sick last night and I was totally sitting here pitying myself and the fact that I am starting this week off behind in my training. It happens! Yours sounds like it was pretty serious though so glad you’re back on track!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I hope you feel better soon and can get on track with your training. It is so frustrating when things keep you down!

  3. Rachel

    Yikes! What a scary two weeks you must have had. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks! It’s been rough and I’m so glad it’s over!

  4. HoHo Runs

    Tara, I’m happy to hear your are finally feeling better! That was a nasty illness. I wouldn’t stress over the weeks you missed. Resting and getting healthy was the most important thing. You were smart to build in extra weeks to begin with too. Here is hoping the 3rd time is the charm for week # 8. Do what you can, but again don’t stress it you can’t hit 13 comfortably. Those miles will return quickly as you get back to training. I love the link for the same reasons you site. It is a wonderful support system. Thanks for linking with us every week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m crossing my fingers I can at least get some miles in this week, but I’m not going to stress about how many. Thank you for hosting the wrap up!!

  5. Tricia@MissSippipiddlin

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, Goodness, you have been through the ringer but judging by your picture you can’t even tell it! I would not have thought to allow for sickness in my training plan, maybe I’ll take your advice for next time. I think you’ll bounce back just fine. It is nice to be able to adjust your plans so easy isn’t it. Thanks Tara for linking up with us each week! Hope you have a much much better week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you!! That just made my day! I got in a really good run today, so hopefully I am bouncing back strong! 🙂

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