Marathon Training Week 10 & Weekly Updates

Week 2 (1)

Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a great week!  I completed week 10 of my marathon training this week.  This week felt like it lasted forever!  I was really tired and felt like I had no energy all week!  I had to really push myself to get my workouts in, and I fell a little behind.  I did get all of my runs in, but I didn’t do as many extra workouts and strength training as I wanted to.    This post is going to combine my weekly update and my marathon training. more “Marathon Training Week 10 & Weekly Updates”

Be Fit Nutrition Review and Giveaway!

Hello!  Today I am working with BeFit to share with you their Be Fit All Year campaign.  Being fit is something that most people strive to do.  But, with everyday responsibilities, it can be very difficult to make healthy choices and consistently follow a workout routine.  Be Fit makes that easier for you by handling all of the planning for you!  more “Be Fit Nutrition Review and Giveaway!”

A Very Busy Weekend

Hi Everyone!  How was your weekend?  Good, I hope!  I had a weekend full of basketball!  It is playoffs, so Jeremy has lots of games, and they are all over the state.  But, we only have two more weeks and then it’s over.  Even though we were at basketball games the majority of the weekend, I did find time to get in a long run, visit some friends, and do a Be Fit workout video. more “A Very Busy Weekend”

My Life Lately

Happy Weekend everyone!  How was your week? Mine was pretty good, and it flew by!  I like weeks like that because it means I get to the weekend faster.  Tuesday morning I gave you a long recap post.  This one won’t be near that long.  I haven’t been that busy this week.  But, I have had a solid week of training…and eating!  So, I’ll share those things and some of my other activities.  more “My Life Lately”

What’s Your Favorite Salad Topping?

I love salads!  I love how filling they are.  And, I especially love how versatile they are.  You can pretty much add anything you want on top of lettuce and call it a salad.  But, I like to eat salads to be healthy.  If you start adding lots of extra toppings, you can end up eating more calories and fat than you would if you had a cheeseburger and fries!  That’s one thing you have to watch out for with fast food and restaurant salads.  Fried chicken and full fat dressings are very unhealthy.  more “What’s Your Favorite Salad Topping?”

A Week of Updates!

Hi!  It’s been over a week since I did an update post, so I’m due.  Since my last one, I have been feeling better and my life has been back to normal and really busy!  There is so much to tell you, so, let’s catch up.  It’s going to be long, you mi 

 ght want to get comfortable!
Last Monday I was still recovering.  I went to work which made me a pretty tired.  Once I got home, I took Jake for a quick walk.  The wind was blowing really hard!  After that I got busy on the computer.  I’m a part of Kristy at Runaway Bridal’s Blog Hop this month.  I had a lot of reading to do, and I really enjoyed it.  I like reading about what other people do in their lives.  I also like reading about other’s fitness journeys and finding good recipes!  This blog hop is introducing me to a lot of interesting people!  And, it’s a lot of fun! more “A Week of Updates!”

Marathon Training Week 8

I finally did it!   This week was my third attempt at my week 8 of marathon training.  I wasn’t expecting much coming into this week since I was still recovering from being so sick.  I thought I would just be able to do a few miles and then I would really have to start building back up.  But, that was not the case.  I really surprised myself!  more “Marathon Training Week 8”

5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Dates

I love date nights and I think they are important in every relationship, but I hate spending a ton of money for one night.  You don’t have to spend a lot to have a good time with your significant other.  So, with Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite inexpensive dates.  more “5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Dates”