Under the (cold) Weather

Happy almost Friday everyone!  The cold weather in my little corner of the world has finally set in, and I finally got sick.  Boo!  I guess I didn’t knock on wood hard enough because I keep talking about how I haven’t been sick this year, but now that wellness streak is over.  It did last longer than normal though.  Usually I start getting respiratory infections in September and don’t get rid of them until March.  So, that is an improvement. 

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I went to the doctor for a checkup Monday and was super healthy and then I woke up Tuesday with a little cold.  No big deal.  I still ran Tuesday afternoon on the treadmill and I didn’t feel bad.  It was just a little congestion.  But by Tuesday night, it was full blown!  I couldn’t breathe and my chest was so tight.  I did a breathing treatment and started some Mucinex.  I felt a little better after that, and I slept amazing Tuesday night!  I never woke up, which is unusual for me.  When I got up Wednesday morning, the tightness in my chest was worse, and I was wheezing.  I did another breathing treatment and took more Mucinex throughout the day.  By noon, I was feeling a lot better and I thought the medicine was working.  But by about 3 all I wanted to do was to lay down and close my eyes.  I didn’t have an appetite, and the only thing I ate all day was yogurt.  But, I did drink some juice and ton of water. 

Around 4, Jeremy and I ran to town to pick up my new inhaler at the pharmacy and he needed a haircut.  After that we went home and I was in bed by 6.  I thought I would take a nap until he was ready to eat, but I never could fall asleep.  My body was tired, and my eyes were tired, but my mind would not shut down.  I was supposed to run 6 miles yesterday, and as I was laying in bed being mad at myself that I hadn’t done it yet, I decided that since I couldn’t sleep maybe I could try to run it on the treadmill.   

 Big mistake.  When I stood up, I about fell over from being so dizzy.  I laid right back down and decided that I would have to do the 6 miles another day.  (I hate being sick and I am stubborn!)

Sometimes I think the Mucinex makes me drowsy.  I can only take the fast track kind because the regular kind makes me feel really weird, and I’m totally out of it.   I can’t function or even see straight when I take the regular ones.  It’s weird!  I think the medicine makes me feel worse.  I know it really helps with the congestion, but in the process of getting rid of that, it makes me feel really sick. 

Since I didn’t feel like cooking dinner, and I needed to eat something, Jeremy said he would take care of that for me.  He wasn’t feeling very well either, (I diagnosed him with a sinus infection) so he ordered a pizza.   

 Dominos and Pizza Hut just started delivering out to our area, so Jeremy is super excited about that. I ate two pieces and did another breathing treatment and went right back to bed. 

At 10 I was still awake.  I fell asleep sometime after that, but I woke up at 1:15 and was awake the entire rest of the night.  My chest and my back hurt from trying to breathe and I couldn’t get comfortable.  And, my mind was just racing.  I couldn’t make it stop. 

I finally gave up trying to sleep and got up before my alarm went off at 5:45 and jumped in the shower.  I am breathing better today, and am feeling a little better.  I was contemplating on attempting my 6 mile run on the treadmill this afternoon, but I think I will just rest and try to get better so I don’t have to miss out on my 13 miles this weekend.  Maybe if I feel better tomorrow I can run the 6 miles.  

I am going to take a nap now!  I really don’t like cold weather! 

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2 thoughts on “Under the (cold) Weather

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you!! I am feeling better today!

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