I Can Do This

This week I have been thinking a lot about my training and the marathon I want to run.  I’ve also been thinking about why?  Why do I want to run a marathon?  Why do I want to put my body through this?  Why do I want to endure all of the emotional ups and downs of the training?  The only answer that I can come up with is because I want to…for meI Can Do This New Blog Post Run and Live Happy 8


I started training 7 weeks ago.  But today, the enormity of what I am doing just hit me in the face!  I think I just realized how huge this goal really is – how great this commitment really is.  I can’t believe it’s taken me 7 weeks to figure it out.  Going into this, I had no idea how this training would go.  I was pretty much starting at scratch after an injury, so I was nervous.  No, that’s a huge understatement.  I was terrified!  I didn’t have the confidence in myself to do it, and I was afraid to really try.  I was scared of trying and failing.  I was scared of putting everything into it and getting hurt.  I was just scared, and I still am.  I still have 13 weeks until the marathon.  So, all of that is still a possibility, but I will never do it if I don’t try.   

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When I started this, I didn’t really think about it.  It was just a way to help me get some motivation to get back running consistently again.  The purpose was just to get me out the door several days a week.  And, it worked.  The end goal however, just didn’t seem real, and some days it still doesn’t.  It’s almost like the goal was too far away for me to see it.  I have had moments when I doubted myself, and when I thought I was crazy, and I’m sure going forward, there will be many more.  Last week after having such a horrible week in training, I kept asking myself, “can I really do this?”  The answer is yes.  Yes I can do this, and I am doing this!    

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I think all this soul searching has been brought on because of all of you that ran the Disney World Marathon this past weekend.  After reading all of your recaps and thoughts and feelings of your experiences – good and bad – I can’t wait to experience it for myself.  I’m so happy for all of you that did it!  


Running a marathon is a HUGE accomplishment, and it’s one that I want to achieve.  I want to experience the emotion at the finish line and that indescribable feeling of knowing that I gave it my all and I did it! 

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All of you are such huge inspirations to me.  Following along on your journeys to the finish line has really encouraged me.  From the beginning of my training, I have had so many supportive people on my side.  All of you that have answered questions, offered advice, and have been brave enough to share your experiences online are helping me more than you know.  This is why I love running!  There is such a camaraderie between perfect strangers!  It’s such a strong bond that you can make with someone you don’t even know!  Runners are a special group of people, and no one understands us if they aren’t part of it!  Thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences and for the encouragement!  You will help get me there! Running - runandlivehappy.com

I am going to give this my all.  I’m going to train smart, stretch, foam roll, ice, and pray that I don’t get hurt.  I have 13 weeks left!  100 days from today!  I AM DOING THIS!!  

i am doing this

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2 thoughts on “I Can Do This

  1. Tricia@MissSippipiddlin

    Yes Ma’am you ARE doing this!! I had almost the exact same thought running through my head as you do! It IS a huge commitment but as long as it is something you want to do it will get done! Sure you’ll have bobbles here and there but when it is a priority it will get done one way or another! I’m so looking forward to keeping up with you through this journey!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you for following me and for the encouragement!! I do want to do it, and I’m gonna try my hardest!

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