My Week So Far


My week so far run and live happy

Hello Everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  Let’s catch up on what I’ve been doing so far this week.  

Monday morning when I woke up, I was full of energy!  We were in bed by 8 on Sunday night, and I was asleep before 10.  I wish I could sleep that much every night!  I didn’t want oatmeal for breakfast, so I ran through McDonald’s and picked up 2 yogurts.  I ate one Monday, and saved the other for breakfast on Tuesday. 

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For lunch, I had a grilled chicken salad.  I made it with kale, spinach, onions, and Skinny Girl balsamic dressing. 

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I also tried the Margaritaville Pina Colada trail mix.  I was not a big fan of this one.  It had a really strong pina colada after taste.  That was about all you could taste, no matter which individual piece you ate.  I like the Coco Banana mix so much better. 

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After lunch I took Jake for an hour long walk.  It was a rest day from running, so we jogged a little, but I mostly just let him walk and sniff everything. 

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I am going to start running him more.  He has put on some weight the last few months, and I need to get it off of him.  When we got back home, he wanted to play.  He has figured out that he likes empty toilet paper rolls, and he will stand and whine at it until you give it to him.  He has even started checking the bathrooms to see if there is an empty one in them!

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While he played with his toys (right in my way), I did some strength training and an ab workout. 

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I have a ton of them saved on Pinterest, so I thought I would finally start going through them and trying each one.  The one I did was from  You can see it here.  It really worked my abs.  I also did 120 squats. 

When Jeremy got home, we watched the National Championship game.  I really didn’t care who won, and I only halfway watched.  I was on Pinterest most of the time.  I fixed us some chili for dinner.  I like chili, but it always makes my stomach hurt, so I didn’t eat very much.  We tried the Margaritaville Sriracha trail mix, and it was disgusting!  I can’t even describe the taste, it was just spice.  It had pineapples in it, and they were gummy and spicy.  I didn’t really think it tasted like sriracha, it was just hot.  We threw the whole bag in the trash.  

I ended up falling asleep before the game was over.  Monday night, I woke up at 2:30, 3:30, 4:45, and 5:30.  I finally gave up at 5:30 and just got up, so I was a little tired Tuesday morning.  I have always had a hard time sleeping.  I have a hard time going to sleep, and then I can’t stay asleep.  Every now and then I will take a Benadryl to help me, but even if I take it at 10, it usually wears off by 3 am and I’m wide awake. 

I guess since I didn’t eat much dinner, I woke up hungry Tuesday morning.  I got out my yogurt, and stirred it around.  I noticed that it was a little watery, and when I took a bite and it was sour!  I found the sticker on the bottom of it, and it had expired on Saturday! (2 days before they sold it to me!)  So, I ate a granola bar instead. 

Then for lunch, I fixed another grilled chicken salad, and this time I added roasted red peppers to it.  I also used Olive Garden Italian dressing on it instead of the balsamic. 

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After work, I got home and had time to take Jake for a walk.

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 It was such a beautiful day!  The temperature was 59 degrees!  

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We ran a little bit, and then he played in the pasture.  He ran the fence with his friend.  They are cute, they lick each other through the fence.  

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Then we sat on the porch waiting for my dad to come get me.  

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I had planned on running after our walk, but I had to go with my dad to pick up my mom’s car.  She had to go to LA for work, and the girl she rode with to the airport lives in a nearby town about 40 minutes away.  So, we had to go get her car and bring it back home.  By the time we got back, it was dark outside.  So, I had to run on the treadmill.  

my week so far run and live happy

I was scheduled to run 3 miles, but I only made it a mile and a half.  My foot started hurting a little, and I didn’t want to push it since I have 6 miles scheduled today.  I think it was hurting because I wore my Uggs on Monday.  I put insoles in them, but I guess it didn’t help.  🙁  But, that little bit of running that I did get in was so much better than any of my runs last week.  Hopefully that is a good sign for the rest of the week!   

After my run, I fixed a spaghetti squash for dinner.  I tried this one with Alfredo sauce and I really liked it.  Then I settled in and watched Monday’s episode of the Bachelor.  

My week so far run and live happy

Since I have been running, I have always used my iPhone to track my runs.  I tried RunKeeper, but it’s been so long ago, that I can’t remember why I didn’t like about it.  But for the last few years, I have been using Map My Run.  I like it, but I really want a Garmin.  I have been looking at the Garmin Forerunner 220.  I have never used a watch to run, but after reading about what it does, and reading the reviews on it.  I think this is the one I want.  Does anyone have this watch?  What are your thoughts on it? 

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