Halfway Done – Let’s Catch Up

Hi All!  The week is halfway over!  Since I have so much stuff going on this week, I thought I would do a mid-week recap so I didn’t have a ridiculously long post on Friday! 

So, let’s catch up.  Monday morning I ate oatmeal with brown sugar and dried cranberries in it.  I am on an oatmeal kick lately.  I find something that I like, and I eat it all the time until I’m tired of it. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (20)

For lunch I had baked ground turkey with steamed asparagus and broccoli.  For a snack, I had some homemade caramel corn.

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (9)

It was so good, and I hard time not eating all of it!  After work, I helped host a baby shower for a friend. She is due at the end of January and is having a boy. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (11)

It was a nice shower, and she got a huge gift.  Everyone went in and donated enough money for her to buy a stroller!  After that was over, I went to visit my mom and grandma.  My mom’s cat was not impressed that I was there.  She ignored me the whole time! 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (13)

My mom sent me home with a plate of homemade treats.  This is what makes this time of year so hard!  It’s really hard to stick to a diet or watch what you eat when there are constant temptations. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (15)

My stomach hurt so bad Monday night because I feel like I ate junk all day.  I had that caramel corn and at the shower I had some punch and a lemon bar and a snowball cookie.  I’m not used to eating all of this, so it’s just so much at once.  I also tried a bite of my mom’s fudge.  I have been craving that, and I almost bought a kit to make it, but I knew I would probably eat it all, so I didn’t. 

I made it home in time to take Jake for a quick walk before dark.  He didn’t want to go in, but I made him because it got cold after dark. 12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (7)

After our walk, I wrapped a bunch of presents and Jake kept trying to unwrap them. (While I was wrapping them.) 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (18)

He kept taking the scraps and shredding them.  He had fun, but I had a mess to clean up!

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (17)

After wrapping presents, I snuggled up in a blanket and watched TV for awhile.  I was flipping between NCIS Los Angeles and the Adele special.  I recorded Adele, so I will watch the whole thing later this week.  


When Jeremy got home from his basketball games, I fixed him some eggs and bacon.  Jake thought he might share. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (5)

Then he pouted when he didn’t get anything. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (19)

I didn’t eat anything for dinner.  All the junk I ate all day really made my stomach hurt.  So I just drank a ton of water to try and make it feel better. 

I stayed up late to watch Tina Fey on Jimmy Fallon.  They are hilarious together! 

I’m sure you can guess what I had for breakfast Tuesday morning…more oatmeal!  And for lunch….baked ground turkey and veggies. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (10)

After work I rushed home so I could fit in a quick run before going with Jeremy to his basketball games. 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (21)My best friend’s son was playing, so I went to hang out with her.  The boys game was a nail biter.  It was a one point game for the entire game, and they tied it up in the last few seconds.  It went into overtime and finally one team pulled ahead.   Games like that stress me out, but I had a lot of fun! 

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (2)

We got home around 10:45, and I was pretty hungry.  I ate some cheerios and went to bed. 

This morning I woke up 45 minutes late!  I was so tired last night that I forgot to set my alarm when I went to bed.  So, I only had half an hour to get ready for work.  I made some oatmeal on the way out the door.  Then for lunch I had ground turkey and veggies. 

Today was ugly Christmas sweater day at work.  I borrowed a sweater and some light up necklaces from my mom. 12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (6)

After work I stopped by Walmart to grab a couple of things.  I was waiting in line to check out and a friend came over to say hi.  She gave me a hug before she left, and the old man behind me asked if he could have a hug too.  I kind of politely laughed, and he kept on!   He said it seemed like I was the designated hug giver, and he would like one too.  Then he told me that I sure was a pretty one. He was kind of creepy!  

Then I went home and ran 4 miles. It got cold since yesterday.  It was 49 degrees!2015-12-16 17.50.10  After that, I took Jake for a walk.  He ran and ran and ran and ran!  2015-12-16 17.50.03We stayed out until I was frozen!  

12-16-15 Mid Week Catch Up (3)

He didn't want to take a pic
He didn’t want to take a pic

Jeremy doesn’t have games tonight, and he went hunting.  He will be home early so I’m cooking dinner.  I’m not sure what he wants yet, but it will probably be some kind of taco or burrito.  I am also baking some more snowball cookies for a Christmas party that I’m going to tomorrow night.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. 

Do you eat treats this time of year, or are you able to pass on them?

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