Attack of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hi Everyone!  How was your weekend?  I hope you had a great one!  I hope you’re ready for Christmas..because it’s almost here!  I’m a little closer to being ready now than I was.  I went shopping with my friend, Jen, this weekend and I got a few things crossed off of my list.   

Let’s catch up on what I did this weekend. 

Around 4:30 am Saturday morning, I woke up with a horrible headache.  I never have a headache, so this was weird.  I got up and took some Tylenol and went back to bed.  When my alarm went off at 7, I was planning on running.  But, my head still hurt…bad!  So, I took some more Tylenol and laid in bed until 8.  My head was feeling better once I got up to get ready, and I was glad because I was really excited about having a girls day and getting some shopping done! 

Jen picked me up around 9:45 and we headed to Oklahoma City.  We stopped in Midwest City first to go to Old Navy.  We were searching for some shirts for the hubby’s.  Jeremy needs one to wear to his family Christmas on Saturday.  Next we headed down to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I was looking for Jeremy some shoes, and she was looking for a YETI for her husband.  We spent a while in there, but we didn’t buy anything. 

We ate lunch after leaving Dick’s.  We went to Chick-Fil-A.  I love their chicken nuggets. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (4)

I think if we had one of those in my town, I would eat there at least twice a week!  I have also decided that honey mustard is my favorite dipping sauce right now. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (5)

When we finished lunch, we headed for OKC.  We went to the Red Coyote Running store.  I loved their Christmas “tree”.  

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (6)

I was going to exchange my new shoes.  I have worn them 6 times, and they are starting to come apart. 

The Week's Over - Weekly Recap 12-11-15 (22)

I took my shoes in, and the girl that helped me said that the Ravenna 6’s had done the same thing, but she hadn’t seen that on the 7’s yet.  She said they would exchange them, but she didn’t have any 7’s in stock.  She told me I could get a different brand, but I didn’t want to.  I only wear Brooks!  I told her that, but she still brought out a couple of other brands and I refused them.  She said that the spot shouldn’t spread, but if it does, Brooks is running a special so I have 90 days to exchange them.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get new ones, but I really like the Ravenna 7’s, so I wanted to keep them.  If that spot spreads then I may have to exchange them.  But, I had posted a picture of them on Instagram, and when I got home Saturday night, I had a message from Brooks to call them.  So, I will and we’ll see what happens!  And that is why I love Brooks!

After leaving the running store, we went to the mall, and HOLY COW!!  It was absolute madness!!  We were stuck in traffic trying to find a parking spot for at least half an hour!  But, once we got inside it wasn’t too bad.  We saw so many weird things in the mall.  I lost count of how many people we saw with bright blue hair.  I have decided that it really doesn’t matter what you wear anymore, because anything goes! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (8)

We went in Dillard’s, and had so much fun laughing at all of the Christmas sweaters.  But, what was even funnier was that they were $99!! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (2)

I can’t believe anyone would actually buy them.  The light up ones would definitely be a hit at an Ugly Sweater Party! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (3)

I found this fun Christmas headband in one of the stores! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (12)

I really wanted my picture made with Santa, but there was a line, and we thought people might frown at us if we sat on Santa’s lap! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (10)

We spent a couple of hours at the mall just walking around and in out of different stores. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (9)

I didn’t buy anything!  I was shocked!  But, I was trying to buy gifts, but I was having a hard time figuring out what to buy. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (7)

And, I felt bad buying for myself since I still needed gifts.  Jen bought a few things, and then we had to go to Pottery Barn to pick up her new dishes.  While we were waiting on her dishes, we saw the mall cop!  This really made me laugh because it reminded me of the movie Mall Cop!  I have been in this mall a million times and have never seen one of those. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (11)

Once we got the dishes, we headed back to Norman to go to Academy.  We spent a while in there, and we both found some gifts.  I also found Jeremy a shirt that I hoped he could wear to Christmas.

Then we went to Metro Shoe Warehouse and spent forever in there! 

What is this?
What is this?

I bought Jeremy something in there for Christmas.  I’m not telling what it is in case he reads this!  I did try to buy me some new TOMS, because when I put mine on Saturday morning, this is what they looked like. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (1)
I guess they are a little worn out!  But, they were out of my size, so I’ll have to order some.  I also want to order some of their wedge booties.  They are super cute!

Right across from Metro Shoe is a cupcake shop that I am obsessed with!  It’s called Gigi’s cupcakes, and they have the BEST strawberry cupcakes.  Jen and I used to go there every time we were in Norman, but we decided to pass this time.  I figured with all the holiday treats that I will be having the next couple of weeks that I really didn’t need a cupcake. 

Next, we ran by the Norman Dillard’s.  Jen was looking for a sweater for her mom.  I found another gift for Jeremy!  I was really excited about this one.  I got a major deal!  It is usually $55 and it was marked down to $37!  I am finally done buying for him.  Now all I have left is my dad and grandpa and they are super easy because all they ever want is gift cards to restaurants. 

I think I had such a hard time buying gifts because no one will tell me what they want this year.  I asked my mom and her response was, “nothing that I have to dust.”  Thanks mom!  And, I asked my grandma and her response was, “a half a million dollars.”  I’ll get right on that!  So, I didn’t get any gifts for my family. 

Then we ran to Ross so Jen could look for dog beds.  I found Jeremy a new shirt in there!  But, Jen didn’t find any beds, so we went to PetSmart.  All of the hamsters were sleeping, so I watched the birds while she looked at beds. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (14)

And, finally before heading home we stopped at McAlister’s for dinner.  I had a cup of potato soup and a half of a turkey melt.  It was really good! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (15)

Once we got home, Jeremy was starving, so we went to Applebees.  Some of his friends were in there so we sat next to them to visit.  Jeremy ordered a ton of wings, and I ate 4 of them.  They tasted good at the time, but by the time we left my stomach hurt so bad, and so did his.  We hung out with his friends until midnight, and closed the place down!  I was so tired!  While we were sitting there, I kept getting prank called.  I mean seriously people, we’re adults!  I haven’t prank called anyone since I was in Jr. High!  They called probably 5 times, and every time we would pick up the phone there was a recording saying, “Call the Po-Po”.  And, we could hear people laughing in the background.  It was obnoxious! 

Sunday morning we slept until 11:30.  I guess we were tired!  As soon as I got up and ready, we headed to town to go get everything we needed for all the week’s activities and Christmas next Saturday.  This was a HUGE chunk marked off of my to do list! 

We also went shopping for a shirt for Jeremy.  The one I bought was way too long!  But, we didn’t find one.  We spent all afternoon at Wal-Mart and Aldi, and now we have everything we need for this week.

When we got home and unloaded everything, we took Jake for a walk.  We fit that in right before it started raining! 

Then I got busy baking lemon bars for the baby shower that I hosted today. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (18)


I also baked some ground turkey for my lunch this week.  I steamed some asparagus and broccoli to go with it.  This time I seasoned the turkey with Cavendars, Lawry’s seasoning salt, and a little bit of Mrs. Dash Southwestern Chipotle. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (17)

The box of lemon bars didn’t make very many, so I also made some pecan snowball cookies.  I will be making them again for a party I’m going to Thursday night, so I’ll post the recipe later this week. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (23)

After I got the cookies done, I made some buffalo chicken dip.  I am supposed to take it to Christmas this weekend, and I have never made it, so we wanted to try it first.  It was good! 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (19)

Then, for dinner I made some chicken, bacon, and ranch quesadillas. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (20)

Finally, before I went to bed, I got a few Christmas presents wrapped.  And then we played with Jake.  He was mad because I made him wear his Santa hat, and he ignored me when I tried to take his picture. 

12-14-15 Attack of the Christmas Sweaters (22)

I had such a fun weekend, and now I’m ready for this week to be over because I’m ready for Christmas!





Would you wear your pj’s to the mall?

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  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sounds like a festive weekend! I love chick-fil-a too! Did you ever try the chick-fil-e sauce? Its like bbq and honey mustard combined! it’s a life changer.

    I don’t think I would wear pajamas to the mall…unless it was a bet or something!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I haven’t tried the chick-fil-a sauce, it sounds good. I will definitely try it next time I go!

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