A Lazy Monday

I can’t believe today is December 1st!  This year has flown by!  I can’t believe Christmas is in 24 days!  Yesterday was Cyber Monday.  Did you get any good deals for Christmas presents?  To be honest, I didn’t even take the time to shop.  Which is so unlike me, because usually I am all about Cyber Monday.   But, I think Thanksgiving and the weekend finally caught up with me.  I have not had near enough sleep the last few days, and I have been on the go too much.  Yesterday was torture trying to get out of bed when the alarm went off.  I just wanted to sleep!  Plus, it probably didn’t help that the weather was still gross.  It’s just wet.  It’s not raining, but there is moisture falling.  I just wanted to stay in bed! 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (1)

I was so tired all day.  I was hungry, but nothing sounded good.  So, I had a granola bar for breakfast, and some ham for lunch.  It wasn’t much, and my stomach growled all morning, but nothing sounded good at all.  I think I was just too tired to eat!  So, I drank a ton of water instead. 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (6)

When I got home from work, I played with Jake for a couple of hours.  (Read:  I laid in the floor and he chewed up his toys next to me) 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (8)

He was really wound up since he’s having to stay inside.  He tore up two of his toys, and he took my sock and ran around the house from me. 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (3)

He's winking at me.
He’s winking at me.

I wanted to try out my new running shoes, but the marathon training plan that I am going to try has me off on Mondays.  So, I laced up my shoes like I like them, and I wore them around the house.  I love them!  Today I am going to my mom’s to run on her treadmill.  I have to get three miles in, and since it is so gross outside, I don’t want ruin my new shoes so quickly. 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (7)

I did do a plank workout, and my abs are sore today!  I did 3 sets of planks for 3 minutes each, so 9 minutes total.  By the last one I was shaking so bad and I thought there was no way I could hold it.  So, not only are my abs sore, but my arms and shoulders are sore too.  I like that feeling!    

After that I snuggled up in a new blanket that Jeremy bought for me this weekend and relaxed while I watched Big Bang Theory reruns. 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (9)And, I checked out a new online shopping site that a friend told me about.  It’s called poshmark.com.  It’s a site where you can buy and sell clothes and accessories.  It’s kind of like an online garage sale, except better.  You can select brands you love, and shop for just those brands.  Or, you can select a category and shop all brands.  I’m still playing around on there and figuring it out.  My friend bought a brand new pair of UGGs for $60!  There are used items, but there are also items that are brand new with the tags still on there.  So far, it looks pretty addicting (and dangerous)!  You should check it out. 

A Lazy Monday Run and LIve Happy (2)

I had a pretty uninteresting day, but sometimes I need to just relax and be quiet and lazy! 

How was your Monday?

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