Hunting, Football, & More Hunting 

Hi! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? I had a pretty calm and relaxing weekend, and it was nice.
We had planned on sleeping in Saturday morning, but Jake didn’t want us to. He was up at 7! I let him out, and then tried to go back to bed, but around 8 he decided that he wanted to play with his toys, so I just got up. I tried to be quiet and let Jeremy sleep, but I guess I wasn’t because he woke up too. Since we were up early, we decided to be productive and get some stuff done. You know how I’ve been picking up pecans almost on a daily basis? Well we had them cracked and blowed and now we have to separate them. All 77 pounds of them!! 

So, we worked on that for awhile and then I went for a 3 mile walk. The weather was really nice and the sun was out!
After my walk, I got ready and we went to get all of our groceries for the week, and also for Thanksgiving. Then we ran home to put the groceries up and get ready to go hunting. Jeremy has had pictures of a big buck on his trail cam and it is at the feeder everyday around 3. So he decided we needed to get there around 2. This was the first time I have ever hunted entirely by myself. Usually if we don’t sit in a blind or stand together, I will sit in a ground blind, and Jeremy will sit in a tree stand which are all right beside one another. But, on Saturday Jeremy wanted me to sit on the complete opposite side of our land from him. We’ve started having pictures of different bucks on both sides so he wanted us to split up and watch both sides. I was a little nervous being all alone, but it was okay. 

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It was in the lower 60’s, and the wind was blowing 10+ miles an hour. (Deer don’t move much when it’s warm or really windy.). About an hour after I got there, I had a coyote come in. It came really close to me, and I had my bow ready to shoot, but I never could get a good shot. Then, close to dark I had 2 does and a baby come in. They are the same ones that always come in. I think they like me because I’m pretty sure they know I’m there and they let me take their picture and they don’t run off. 

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 After dark, Jeremy came and picked me up and we headed home.  A couple of our friends came over to watch the OU / Baylor game. They brought all kinds of food! It was like a pizza party! They brought 2 pizzas, cheese bread, 2 kinds of wings, and a cinnaboli from Mazzios. My friend is pregnant, and she said when she was ordering she just kept adding stuff that sounded good. :).

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It was so much food for just us 4, they had plenty to take home! This was my cheat meal for the week. I ate 2 pieces of pepperoni and 3 hot wings. The first 2 weren’t spicy at all but the last one burned!! 

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We watched OU and Baylor. It was pretty obvious that the officials were making calls that benefited Baylor. I don’t think I have ever watched a game where it was that obvious. And, Baylor was playing really dirty! The stuff they were doing and getting away with was ridiculous! The commentators thought so too any kept showing replays of every cheap shot they took. Watch the video below and see what you think! 

Our friends left when the game was over and I went straight to bed. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.  
Sunday morning we woke up early again. It was freezing!! A cold front came through during the night. Jeremy got up and turned the heat on and then went to help his dad with some stuff. I got up and prepped my lunches for the week. I made seasoned ground turkey and steamed asparagus. I’ll post that recipe soon. 

Baked Ground Turkey Run and Live Happy
Then I went for a walk. I had to get it out my cold weather gear! 

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I absolutely hate being cold! But, I actually like running in the cold weather. My best time in a 5K was on a night when it was 28 degrees! I can breathe better in the cold weather than I can when its hot and humid. I really wanted to run yesterday, but my foot was still a little sore so I thought I would give it one more day. I plan on running this afternoon.  
After my walk, Jeremy and I went to pick up more pecans. There are millions of them! I wasn’t kidding when I said everyone is getting some for Christmas! 

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I like picking them up because it’s almost like a stress reliever. I can spend hours out there walking around with Jake picking them up. I just like being outside. But we didn’t spend too long out there because it was cold and Jake got in trouble! He’s started eating the pecans. He will it’s the whole thing and swallow it! He ate a couple last week before I could get them out of his mouth and I got really worried. I googled it (I know that’s like the worst thing to do) and it said that a small amount is not harmful to dogs, but if it’s moldy it can be deadly. So, yesterday when Jake took a bite of one and ran from so I couldn’t get it from him, I immediately took him back home!
The we got ready to go hunting, and had to get out all of our heavy warm clothes! 

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I sat by myself again last night. There was small chance of rain, but as so as Jeremy dropped me off it started pouring! I was in a blind so I didn’t get wet, but my feet were freezing! 

It is raining hard - but you can't see it!
It is raining hard – but you can’t see it!

It rained off and on the entire time we were there.  Jeremy saw a big buck, but it ran off before he shoot at it.  About 5:00, it started pouring and we were ready to get out and go home.  But, as soon as Jeremy said he was coming to get me, my friends came back.  

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And, they brought friends with them!  I had 10 does and 2 babies in front of me.  I watched for awhile so I could make sure I didn’t shoot a mom.  I got my bow ready, and aimed, and the deer moved, so I moved to the other window and couldn’t get my body situated to where I could shoot right.  I really tried, and thought I had my sight right on the deer, but when I released my arrow, I missed.  🙁  Oh well, I guess there’s always next time.  I was pretty mad disappointed though.  

By the time we got back to the truck, we were soaked and freezing!  We turned the heater on full blast! 

We went home and got dinner ready.  Jeremy cooked with me last night, and as I’ve said before, I love it when he wants to help me cook!  We had pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and crescent rolls.  I also made Jeremy some Velveeta shells and cheese.  I refuse to eat those, they are so nasty!  But, he loves them and asked me to make him some, so I did.  

Hunting, Football, & more Hunting

After dinner, we played with Jake.  He kept taking the kitchen towels and running from us.  He took one of them to bed with him, so I covered him up with it and he went to sleep.

2015-11-15 21.54.50

Then we went to bed also!  

I hope you all have a great week!  

What did you do this weekend?  

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  1. Karen @ Fit in France

    That is a heck of a lot of pecans ! Can you send some my way ?
    Football is one of the only things I miss about the US !

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      Gladly! It’s not as fun separating them as it is picking them. Lol

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