Christmas Wish List


I am so ready for the holidays.  Who’s with me?  I know I said like a month ago that I was going to start shopping early for Christmas gifts, but I haven’t.  I have at least been making a list of stuff that I want to get everyone.  So that counts, right? 

Christmas Wish List

While I was thinking of gifts for all my family, I also started thinking about things that I want.  My mom and grandma ask me every year at Christmas and my birthday what I want.  I never can tell them and I don’t know why.  I know there is all kinds of stuff that I want, and if I went shopping I could pick out tons of stuff.  But, I really don’t need anything, so I never really know what to tell them.  I usually just say gift cards to some of my favorite stores so I can go buy clothes.  But, I hate giving gift cards at Christmas.  And, they never like that answer.  So, I thought I would sit down and really think about it and put together a wish list so I will have an answer when they ask! 

But, before I get to my wish list I want to check in with you with my progress on the Pile on the Miles Challenge. 

We are now 4 days into the Pile on the Miles challenge.  Has anyone been doing this with me?

I am going to be updating all of you on my progress, so you can help keep me accountable.  So, here goes: 

Day 1 – I walked for 30 minutes exactly!  I was so tired from the weekend, and my leg was a little sore from the race.  So, as soon as my timer hit 30 minutes, I was done!  But, I did it, and I’m glad I did.

Day 2 – My leg was still hurting some, so I took another day off from running and just walked.  Jeremy went with me, and we walked for 45 minutes.  Then, we took Jake so he could walk while we picked up pecans.  That was about a 30 minute walk. 

CHristmas Wish List

We actually lost Jake, and I panicked!  He has never run off before.  There were so many pecans, that we weren’t paying attention to him.  We kept calling him, and I ran back home thinking that’s where he went.  We finally found him.

CHristmas Wish List

He was in our neighbor’s horse stall!  He always wants to go over there because there are cats and goats.

CHristmas Wish List

Day 3 – I ran 3 miles and then I took Jake for a walk.  We walked for an hour.  CHristmas Wish List

When I got home at 5:30, my Fitbit said 13,787 steps!

2015-11-03 18.28.29


Day 4 – I am planning on running 3 miles again today, and then taking Jake for a walk. 

Now that I have updated you on my walking/running this week, let’s get back to my Christmas wish list. 

11-4-15 Christmas Wish List

Boots – I really need new boots.  The tan ones are TOMS suede boots (they also have them in black *hint hint*), and the black ones are from Maurices. 

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Products –

     Eye gels – they are supposed to get rid of puffiness, and help to firm and tone around your eyes.  I could really use these!    

     Heavenly Perfume – This is my absolute favorite scent.  I  love the body spray and the perfume! 

     Lip Gloss – This is the best lip gloss that I have ever found!  I love the strawberry fizz.

Coat – I need a new coat, and I really like this North Face jacket with the green trim.

Garmin – I really just want a Garmin.  I have been wanting one for a while to run with. 

Running Shoes – I need some new running shoes.  I wear Brooks Ravenna 6.  I know this is the exact one that I have, but I love them!

Running Socks – I want to try the Bombas socks.  They are supposed to be really comfortable to run in, and they help prevent blisters.

Headband – I just really like this Nike headband.  (Probably because it says Run on it)

Skillet – I am in desperate need of a new skillet.  The nonstick coating has worn off of mine, and everything sticks to it! 

Yeti Rambler – I really want one (or 2) of these to keep my water cold all day long!  I like the pink one and also the pink camo one.

Camera – I really, really, really want a new camera! I have a little Nikon, and the quality of the pictures that it takes is awful!  I don’t even use it anymore.  I take all pictures with my phone, and I need a better camera than that.  I want one that has a good zoom.  I really want a Cannon. 

 That’s my wish list for Christmas. I know it’s kind of random, but most of it is stuff that I could really use.  So, feel free to add me to your Christmas list!  I love getting gifts!  😉

Now that I’ve made my wish list, I will get back to making my lists of gifts to buy, and soon I will go out and actually buy one!  

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