Weekend’s Complete!

I have some more updates for you!  Since it was such a busy few days, I had to break it up into multiple posts. 

Saturday morning we got up and went to an estate auction.  I’m not sure why Jeremy is all about these all the sudden, but it is interesting to see what people auction off.  The advertisement for this one had a bunch of tools listed on it, so that’s why we went.  But, when we got there, it was actually just junk! 

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They kept trying to auction off boxes of “miscellaneous items”, and they even started the bidding at a dollar!  No one would even bid that.  So, they would add it all to a big pile that they were going to try and auction at the end. I did try to talk Jeremy into letting me get the vases and then resell them.  I knew I could get more than a dollar for them.  The auction went pretty fast, since no one was bidding on anything.  I did try to get a steam cleaner for my house.  It was brand new, and they said it had only been used once.  But every time we bid, this old man would bid too.  He wasn’t backing down, so we let him have it.   Jeremy got a new extension ladder for $15!  That is a bargain! 

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We left there and went home to take Jake for a walk. 

Then we got ready to go back to the woods. 

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Jeremy decided to let me sit by myself.  This was the first time I have ever sat by myself, and I was a little nervous. 

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We got there about 4:30, and around 5:00 we had three deer come out.  There was a baby with them, so I refuse to shoot any that have a baby with them.  They stayed for about twenty minutes and left.  Then, the feeder went off at 5:30 and we had three more come out.  They also had a baby with them.  But, then another bigger doe came out by herself.  I kept thinking that I would try to shoot her. 

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She was big, and I didn’t think she was with the baby since she had come out later.  I had a perfect shot several times, but something didn’t feel right.  At one point, I even pulled my bow back, but I just couldn’t do it.  Now, I’m glad I didn’t.  It turned out that she was the mom.  When they got ready to leave, the baby followed her.  I would have felt so bad!  They left around six, and we sat there until seven. 

We went home and got ready to go eat dinner.  I had wanted Mexican, but by the time we were ready, it was close to 9.  All of the Mexican restaurants in town close at 9:30, so I didn’t want to go in there when they were about to close.  So we decided on Chili’s because they have Mexican food.  This was probably the worst experience we have ever had at Chili’s.  It’s safe to say that we won’t be going back there for a very long time!

We got there a little after 9.  They were busy, and it was extremely loud in there.  We were seated on a wall next to the kitchen, and we couldn’t even talk to each other because the staff was in the kitchen yelling and beating on the wall.  We had to wait around 15 minutes for our server to bring our drinks.  I think she was new, and she had pretty much the entire room by herself.  I only saw two servers for the entire restaurant and they were both running around in a panic!  And, there were about 5 people standing in the bar area doing nothing.  We ordered chips and salsa while to eat while we looked over the menu. 

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We decided to do the 2 for $20 and I ordered combination fajitas with chicken and pork and Jeremy ordered ribs and fries.  We waited over 45 minutes on our food to come out.  When the waitress finally brought it, my skillet wasn’t sizzling, and it was cold to touch.  The food on it looked disgusting, and they were out of the pork. 

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Jeremy’s ribs weren’t even cooked, and didn’t even have any sauce on them, and he didn’t have any fries.  His ribs were ice cold and were so hard that you couldn’t even cut them apart. 

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When she came back to check on us, we asked if she could have it warmed up, and she put her hand on Jeremy’s ribs to see if they were cold!  Right then he decided that he wasn’t eating it.  While we were sitting there waiting on her to come back, we noticed that the plate of cheese that they brought me to go with my fajitas was moldy.  Then, she randomly brought out a bowl of French fries without any other food. 

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We told her that we didn’t want any of the food, and that we would pay for our drinks and chips and salsa.  She went and got a manager and he apologized and gave us a “coupon” for a free meal.  I’m not sure how we will actually use this “coupon”.  He just wrote it on a card and gave it to us. 

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But, he didn’t charge us for anything but Jeremy’s tea.  Which I thought was a little ridiculous.  So after being there for almost an hour and a half, we left and went to Taco Mayo.  It was late, and I had filled up on chips and salsa, so I just ordered one taco.  I love their tacos!  They are always so fresh, and the meat is really good.  I also love the white corn crispy shells.  

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After we ate, we went to bed and slept in on Sunday.  When I got up I went for a run to try out my new insoles.  I’m not sure about them yet, but I will try them out again and see what I think.  I ran 3 miles and I had to go slow to try to adjust to the insoles.  

On my run, I had to spray the dog that bit me in April.  It came at me again and wouldn’t stop.  I yelled at it several times and it still kept coming.  I sprayed the pepper spray at it.  I don’t think it got on it because it didn’t whine or roll around or anything.  But it stopped and just sat on the side of road and watched me for a little while.  Then it went back to it’s yard and watched me from there.  I didn’t want to spray it, but I was really scared it was going to bite me again.  It came across 2 yards to get to me and was barking and growling.  I really would have felt bad if I sprayed it and it hurt it, but I guess I just scared it enough to make it stop.  Hopefully it will leave me alone from now on.     

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After my run, I ate some turkey wraps.  I used 4 pieces of thin sliced turkey, 1 piece of white cheddar cheese, and a pickle on each one.  I usually use pickle spears, but I was out.  

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Then I took Jake for a long walk and I picked up a bucket full of pecans!

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Then I spent the rest of the day relaxing!  

What did you do this weekend?   

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