Where To Get Running Motivation

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Sometimes I am not motivated at all to run. I know I need to, but I just think of every excuse not to.  We are all motivated by different things.  So where do I get motivation to actually get my shoes on and get out the door?  The first place is other blogs.  When I read about what an awesome run someone had, it makes me want to do it to.  If I’m reading about how people are training for a race, it gets me excited to do the same.  It also helps me to ignore my excuses and just go.  I start thinking that I’m sitting here being lazy reading about all these awesome runs; I should be out there too.  It helps me to change my way of thinking and get out the door. 

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The next place I get motivation is from my friends and family.  If they are asking me about my runs I want to be able to give them a good answer.  It holds me accountable.  When my runner friends or family members talk about their own runs, I want to do the same.  Plus, isn’t the reaction you get awesome when you tell someone that you ran a bunch of miles today! 

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I also find motivation through quotes.  It’s kind of like a mantra.  I will read one and repeat it over and over to myself.  It helps me get through my run.  I find lots of motivation on Pinterest.  I save them on my phone, and tape them to my mirror.  They really help me on days that I’m unmotivated.  

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Finally, I get motivation from me.  This is the hardest one for me.  There are days that I just do not want to run.  I am so tired or I have too much to do.  But, I keep telling myself that this is for me.  My run is something I enjoy and it is for me.  I think about how far I have come, and what I am capable of now that I never dreamed I would be.  That gets me motivated to go.

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Where do you find motivation?

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