I Have an Addiction

I think I have a problem.  Or maybe it’s an addiction.  I have tried to fight it, and tried to get past it.  But the cravings just keep coming.  I think about it all day and I dream about it at night.  I seek out people who have the same problem.  The temptation is always there, and I just can’t say no.  I have no willpower at all.  When I try to quit it just makes it worse.  It’s all I think about until I have one.

I am addicted to chocolate chip cookies!

Cookie Addiction

I wanted to keep that going for the entire post, but I just couldn’t.  I am cracking myself up!

Cookie Addiction 3


I am being serious though.  I really think I have a problem with cookies.  I don’t care much for candy, and I hardly ever eat it.  I don’t like ice cream.  Donuts are a very special treat and I have these rarely (even though I love them!).  I can pass on cakes and pies, but with cookies I really just can’t.

Cookie Addiction 2

Cookies are the only unhealthy treat that I keep in my house.  I have tried lots of different recipes for “healthier” versions of them and they are ok.  There is just no comparison to a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.  It is like heaven when you bite into it.  I would consider myself a cookie connoisseur, or maybe I’m just a cookie snob.  I will only eat cookies that I know are good.  If it doesn’t look good, then I’ll pass.  I like all kinds too, but my favorite is chocolate chip.

Cookie Addiction 1

Maybe one day I will kick this obsession, but in the meantime I don’t think one every now and then hurts.

cookie addiction

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