Running Update

I do finally have a running update (YAY!!) but before that, here’s a little bit of my Monday.

When I went outside yesterday morning the sky was absolutely breathtaking.  It was filled with tons of pink hues and it was beautiful.  I had to take a million pictures!

Running Update New Blog Post

I grabbed a Bear Naked bar for a quick lunch.  I love these bars, they taste like no bake cookies to me.  And, they are so filling.

Running Update New Blog Post

After that I took Jake for a long walk.  The weather has really cooled off, and it was 64 degrees and cloudy.  That’s much cooler than the 90-100 degree weather we’ve been having so my body had to adjust. I actually had to wear a long sleeved shirt.  Jake wasn’t into taking pictures, he just wanted to lick.

Running Update 1


Jake loves the cool weather, so he wanted to walk forever!  He ran and ran until he was worn out.

Running Update 2

After I took him home I went for a run.  Finally!!  And, it felt awesome!  I felt so good, and I wanted to run longer, but I didn’t want to over do it.

Running Update New Blog Post


I was supposed to run on the treadmill first and work on how I strike my feet, but I didn’t want to drive over to my mom’s to use hers.  So, I thought I would just go take it very easy.  Before I went, my leg was feeling a little sore, and I wasn’t having any sharp pains.  I started out really slow and I concentrated on how I was coming down on my feet.  We figured out that when I run and even walk, my feet roll out.   My right one does it a whole lot more than my left, and that’s why I’m having so much pain.  It puts so much pressure on my shins.  I’ve been trying to walk and not let my foot roll, and it seems to be helping.

Running Update 3

I really concentrated on trying to land on the middle of my foot and not let it roll, and it helped a lot.  I did try to heel strike, but it was very awkward and uncomfortable.  It also seemed to put pressure on my hips.  So, I don’t know about that.  I will continue to work on changing my running form and see what works.  I am still waiting on my insoles to get here, so when they come I may not need to change it up too much.  But, I was pretty pumped for my first run in almost a month.  I went 2 miles with just a little bit of dull pain.  I went straight home and iced my leg and massaged it, and it is feeling pretty good.  I’m just going to keep taking it slow and easy for a while and hopefully all of the pain will go away.

Running Update New Blog Post

How was your Monday?

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