Whirlwind Week

Do you ever have a few days where you just sit back and wonder what has happened and where time went?  That’s what I’m doing now!  The last few days have been a complete whirlwind!  They’ve been full of doctors, hospitals, and no sleep! What in the world am I talking about?!?

Good News / Bad News runandlivehappy.comWell, you know on Wednesday, I had my follow up with the doctor about my leg.  When I got home after my appointment, Jeremy was working on a trailer.  He slipped and got his arm smashed against the metal.  As soon as it happened, one of his fingers immediately swelled up HUGE and turned black, and his hand started swelling too.  We put ice on it, and he thought he would be okay, and tried to tough it out.  He actually made it for a couple of hours.  But, the pain got to be too much to handle, and it was shooting all the way up his arm.  He said this was the worst pain he had ever felt.  So, I convinced him to go to the emergency room.   We got there a little before ten, and we had to wait about thirty minutes.  Once we got back in a room, the doctor came right in.  He was really kind of hateful when he first walked in.  He didn’t introduce himself or greet us, he just stood there and asked, “what’s the problem?”  He was acting like Jeremy had done something wrong.  He sent Jeremy to get x-rays done and then we had to wait for the results.  We spent a lot of time waiting, which I guess is typical of an emergency room.  When the x-rays were done, the doctor came back in to go over them with us, and he was a lot nicer this time.  He showed us that nothing was broken in the hand.  However, he was concerned with his finger but he said there was too much inflammation so they couldn’t actually see the break, and he thought the same thing with his arm.  He showed us a black line on the x-ray picture, and explained that it is a line of blood that they thought was covering up a fracture on his arm.  He said we needed to follow up with the orthopedic doctor the next day.  They were going to put a splint on him, but it turned out to be just like a cast, so he refused.  So, they sent him home in a sling.  We were there until close to 4 am!

Whirlwind Week New Blog Post

But, we at least had some company because Jeremy’s aunt had had a car wreck and was right across the hall from us.  She broke her foot, but is otherwise okay.  So, Jeremy’s cousin was there and we got to keep each other company.  I told them this was going on our Christmas card!

When we finally got home, I only slept for about an hour and then got back up.  I couldn’t go to sleep because I was so worried about Jeremy.  He never takes any kind of medicine, and they had given him something for the pain and I was worried about how he might react.  He was being really funny before he went to sleep.  All the way home, he would doze off and then jerk up and tell me that he just saw a deer.

Whirlwind Days

As soon as I could, I called the orthopedic doctor and told him that they were sending the x-rays over.  (It’s the same doctor that has been seeing me for my leg.) He looked at them and said we needed to come into the office.  When we walked in, the doctor was teasing us saying that they were going to have to name a room after us!  I told him that we need a frequent flier discount!

Whirlwind Days

He looked at Jeremy’s arm and said that there were no fractures. (Yay!) He said that he damaged the soft tissue in his forearm and his hand, and that he will be sore and stiff for awhile.  Jeremy can’t grip anything, and he said it may be a few days before he can.  He also looked at his finger and decided that he needed to drain it.  The thought of this made my stomach turn, and I didn’t think I would be able to stay in the room, but it wasn’t actually that bad.  The doctor gave Jeremy a shot between his fingers to numb his hand, then he cut a hole in the top of his finger and drained the blood out.  His finger went back to an almost normal size!

Whirlwind Week New Blog Post

After we left there, I took Jeremy home so he could take a pain pill and sleep.  I had to go to work for a few hours and I was planning on coming home and going straight to bed.

When I got home, I was shocked to find that he was doing laundry and trying to take out the trash.  The pill had the opposite effect on him!!  He was like the energizer bunny!!  It was really funny!  But, I was so tired; I just went in and crashed!

He is doing a little better today.  We have continued to ice and elevate his arm, but he’s still having a hard time moving it.

Hopefully this weekend we can catch up on some sleep!

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