Report From the Doctor

I went back to the doctor yesterday for a follow up on my leg.  The steroids didn’t work at all.  The doctor told me that since it is not a stress fracture (worst case scenario), there is not much of a treatment for it. Which is good news and bad news combined!

doctor followup new blog post runandlivehappyHe said it is bad because there isn’t a fix for it.  He can’t inject my shin, and he said there’s no way to go in and fix anything.  He said the problem is how much pressure I am putting on my shin and this is due to the way I am striking my foot.  He also said that it won’t be healed quickly.  But, the good news out of that is that in a week I am clear to run!  He said that it’s not going to make it any worse.   I will just have to listen to it and do what I can tolerate right now.

He recommended that I start with some insoles.  I am also supposed to start massaging the area and icing it several times a day.  I need to wear a compression sleeve or socks after I do that, and also every time I run.  He also said that I am going to have to change my running form to take the pressure off of my shin.

Doctor Follow Up New Blog Post

If this doesn’t help, the next step is a foot and ankle specialist and physical therapy.  After I get new insoles, I’m supposed to try to run on a treadmill and work on heel striking then report back.  He said that over time I may heal completely by changing my form and working on relieving the pressure.

So, even though there isn’t a treatment right now, I’m happy with this because, 1) it’s not a stress fracture and 2) I can run.  I have tolerated it for several months, so maybe by changing up my form I can run comfortably again.

Follow up New Blog Post


After next week, when I’m able to run, I’ll let you know how I do!  Then, I can start writing running posts again!  I can’t wait!


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