Just an Ordinary Week


How was your week?  Did you do anything fun, or out of the ordinary?  Mine was pretty routine, except for the whole MRI thing on Wednesday.  You can read about that here.

Monday morning sunrise
Monday Morning sunrise

The only thing half way exciting that I did on Monday was paint my toenails.  I’m not sure why, since I’m restricted to tennis shoes.  But I don’t like looking at the polish peeling off, so I redid them.  Oh, and the new Big Bang Theory season started!  I was pumped about that!

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On Tuesday, Jeremy wanted me to go to his game with him.  I think he knew I was really anxious about my MRI, so he didn’t want me to stay at home alone and worry.  He had to umpire softball, so I went and enjoyed the heat.

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I know it won’t be long until it’s gone and it will be cold.  I can always use a tan!  The moon was beautiful that night too!

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After the game, we came home and ate a turkey sandwich for dinner.  Since it was late, I didn’t feel like cooking or eating much.

On Wednesday after I got my good news, I took Jake for a walk.  I love walking in the pecan grove, it’s so shady and breezy.

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Since I’m supposed to be taking it easy, and not overusing my leg, I sat on the grass while Jake checked everything out.  He walked around forever!

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Last night, I went to watch Jeremy umpire baseball.  This game was much better than the softball game. It also was over a lot quicker.

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Since we were home early, I decided to cook dinner.  I made one of Jeremy’s favorite dishes, it’s actually the first thing he ever cooked for me when we were dating.  It’s a taco casserole.  You can find the recipe at Campell’s Kitchen.  Last night I substituted Doritos for the corn tortillas.  It just gives it a different flavor.  It also makes it a little runnier, but it is good.  While I was cooking, I started feeling nauseas and achy.  I started thinking I was coming down with something.  I was also freezing and nothing sounded good to eat.  It hit so fast, and I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I actually laid on the couch and let Jeremy finish dinner.  I even had him take a picture of it for me and then he fixed me a small plate.

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That was probably not the best meal to eat when I felt sick, but I knew I had to eat something because I had to take my dreaded steroids.  I ate a little bit and went straight to bed.  At 1 am, I woke up and was completely drenched!  I guess I had a fever and it broke, and I felt so much better!

This morning I woke up at 5 am wide awake and I felt great!!  I usually lay in bed and sleep as long as I can before my alarm rings at 6, but not today.  I knew if I laid there, I would doze back off and then I wouldn’t want to get up at all.  I got up and stretched for a little while.  Then I checked some emails and got ready for the day.  I really like getting up early, but I’m just not good at going to bed early, so it makes the getting up part hard.  At least I have it figured out, I just don’t do anything to fix it!  I also woke up starving.  Those little devil pills are really making me hungry!  I could tell a difference after the first dose!  They better make my leg heal!  So, in order to deal with the constant growling in my stomach, I have been drinking TONS of extra water!  I keep telling myself that it is just 7 days, and hopefully it will work.   But, today, which is 2 days in, I have hurt bad all day.  I guess we’ll just have to see how the next week goes.  Since I am so hungry, I am craving all kinds of food that I know I don’t need.  This morning, I really wanted a donut.  But, I tried a Yoplait Greek yogurt instead.  It was Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor and it was gross!  It had a strong pumpkin flavor, but it also had a really strong artificial sweetener flavor as well.  The sweetener flavor was way too overpowering, so I couldn’t eat it. I settled for a granola bar instead.

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Since I was up two hours before the sunrise, I got to see it. It was beautiful!  The sky was so pink.

Just an Ordinary Week runandlivehappy (2) Just an Ordinary Week runandlivehappy (1)

And, I saw 3 deer on my way into town.  Jeremy is always telling me to watch for them, so I just stopped in the road and took their picture.

Just an Ordinary Week runandlivehappy (3)

Now I’m home doing some work and having a snack that Jake really wants.  Look at his sad face.  He thinks he needs it.

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I am eating a Butterball Turkey Jerky stick.  They are really good, and there is only 60 calories per 3 sticks.  I figured this would be a good filling snack to hopefully hush my stomach.  So far, it hasn’t worked!

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Overall, it’s been a pretty uneventful week, but I have actually have an exciting weekend planned.  So, I’ll catch up with you on Monday!  I hope you have a great weekend.


What are your plans for the weekend?

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