Awesome Weekend Adventures


This weekend was pretty fun!  I heard on the radio that it was the last weekend of summer.  I guess technically it was, but To me, summer feels like it’s over after Labor Day.  On Friday night, I went to my sister’s birthday dinner.  My family is big on celebrating birthdays.  We always get together and have dinner and cake and ice cream.  We all went to Applebee’s for dinner.  I absolutely HATE Applebee’s!  But, at least we always know what to expect.  The service is always awful!!  The food is not very good.  There is really nothing there that I particularly like.  But good news, just like always, they were at least consistent.  LOL  There were seven of us, and we were in there for almost two hours.  We had to wait a long time on the food, and then we sat for almost a half an hour after we were finished eating just waiting for our check.  All of us, except one ordered a salad.  I ordered a side Caesar salad.

Weekend Fun

But, as you can see it was completely drowned in dressing so I didn’t eat much of it.  While we were sitting there, we watched the manager bring out food to a table.  He sat it down and they told him it wasn’t theirs.  He picked it up and served it to another table.  After we were finished eating, (with dirty dishes setting all over the table) he tried to set someone else’s on our table.  We told him it wasn’t ours, so he served it to the older couple next to us.  They started eating it and then realized it wasn’t theirs!  We had a good laugh about that!

After dinner, we went over to my mom’s so my sister could open presents.  We also had birthday pie; my sister doesn’t like cake.  We had chocolate meringue pie and homemade Oreo ice cream.  I took a bite of the ice cream and it was delicious!

Weekend Fun

Jeremy had to work, so wrapped him up a piece of pie and on my way home I stopped and picked him up some barbeque.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping.  I had a pretty long list of things to get for the house, so it took me a while.  In Walmart, I was picking up some Zyrtec and I saw this lady sleeping on a bench. Literally, she was out!

Weekend Fun

I have never seen that there before.  It made me wonder if she was sick, or homeless, or if she was really ok.  I guess you never know about people.

I found these awesome pumpkin wax melts!  I’m so excited about everything pumpkin!  I came straight home and put one in my warmers, and they smell incredible.

Weekend Fun

I unloaded all of the groceries – I got a bunch of stuff.  We try to do our grocery shopping on the weekends, so that way we have everything we need for all our meals during the week.  We very rarely eat out during the week.  Usually, we just eat out on Friday and Saturday nights.  Friday night is our “date night” and Saturday night is with friends.

Weekend Fun Grocery Shopping Meal Prep

After putting up the groceries, I quickly made some brownies for game night with our friends!  I forgot to get a picture before everyone got into them.

Weekend Fun Game Night

We went to dinner with some friends, and we ate Mexican, which is my favorite!  The restaurant we went to has the best cheese dip!!  I’m pretty sure it’s goat cheese, but it is so good!  I ordered the Pollo Loco.  It’s two grilled chicken breasts covered with grilled onions.  It comes with rice and beans and a small scoop of guacamole.  I don’t eat rice and beans.  I ate one chicken breast and onions, and Jeremy ate the other one.  I love grilled onions!

Weekend Fun Dinner

After dinner, we all came back to our house and played Wahoo.  I finally won a game!  I was so excited!!

Weekend Fun

Our friends went home pretty early, and we went straight to bed.  We were really tired.  I woke up at 7 am on Sunday morning.  It was thundering really loudly so I laid there and listened to the storm for a while.  It rained all day!  We got up and ran into town to get Jake some vitamins and new toys.  We also went to The Pumpkin Patch.

Weekend Fun

Just kidding – it was at the store where we get the vitamins.  I dug through the whole bin looking for some epic pumpkins to put on my front porch, but there weren’t any good ones.  I’ll check back in a week or two.

When we came home, I got to work prepping my lunches for the week.  I got tired of salads last week and ended up just eating the chicken and veggies off of them.  So, this week I decided to just make chicken and veggie bowls.  I cut up some bell peppers, squash, and zucchini and grilled them.  I also threw in some of the roasted okra that I made yesterday.

Weekend Fun Grilled Veggies Meal Prep

I bought a rotisserie chicken on Saturday, so I cut it up and filled my bowls.  I also added in a little bit of avocado on the top.

Weekend Fun Meal Prep

Then we spent the rest of the day and night being lazy and watching football, the Yankees and Mets game,

Epic Weekend Adventures

and playing with Jake and his new toys.

Weekend Fun

What did you do this weekend?

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