Do You Like Dogs?

If you like dogs, then keep reading!  Or you could just keep reading anyways!  This is going to be a long post, but my dog is one of the most important things in my life.  Getting him was the best decision we ever made!  So, this post is dedicated to Jake.


When we started thinking about getting a dog, we weren’t sure if we wanted one yet or not.  We lived in an apartment, and we didn’t have a fenced yard.  But, Jeremy was working a lot at night, and I didn’t like being alone so we decided to get one.  We found a breeder a few hours away from us, and contacted them.  They had their dogs set up on webcams so you could look at the puppies.  We picked one out, but we wanted to go see it in person.  So, we went for a visit when the puppies were about 3 weeks old.  At that time Jake was named “Puppy 4”.  When I first held him, I knew that he was the one.  He nuzzled into me and just slept in my arms.  It was so hard to leave him for another 3 weeks.

Puppy 4

On the day we went to pick him up, we were so excited.  We got there and they handed him to me.  We went to leave and they told us that he had never been outside before.  I took him out and set him on the grass, and it was so funny watching him sniff everything and walk around so gently.  On the ride home, he slept on my lap.

jake (44)

That night that we got home, we woke up in the middle of the night and he was throwing up.  He threw up all night, and I cried and cried.  There was nothing we could do to help him, and I was so scared that something was seriously wrong with him.  The next morning, we took him to the vet’s office as soon as they opened.  They checked him out and said he was fine.  They figured it was just the stress of him leaving his mom and riding in a car for so long.  We took him home and I held him all day and he was fine.

jake (40)

I have so many funny stories about Jake.  He is such a ray of sunshine in our lives.  The first one that I want to share is that when he was little, he would sleep in the bed with us and he would sleep across the tops of our pillows.  One morning, I left for work and he was lying on Jeremy’s pillow sleeping with him.  Jeremy called me later and said that when he woke up he was covered in sheet rock.  Jake had started licking the wall, and had licked and chewed a hole in it and Jeremy never woke up!  I wish we have taken a picture of it!  It was hilarious!  That was the only thing that Jake has ever chewed up.  People never believe us when we tell them that because he is a lab.

jake (15)

Jake loves the water!  As a puppy, we couldn’t keep him out of it.  If I tried to take a bath, I would have to close the door or he would jump in with me.  Several times I would start the water and come back to find him in the tub turning in circles and digging in the water.  He will dig and shoot water all over the walls.

jake (58)

The funniest one to me though is that when we leave and Jake gets mad that we’re gone, he will find dirty clothes or my kitchen towel and drag them out all over the house.  He won’t chew any of the up, but he will get it all out.  He does this when he stays with my father in law.  He has a doggie door there, and one day we came home and he had gotten 8 hats and a whole bunch of socks and took them outside.

Jake Socks

When we got Jake, we didn’t want to leave him in a crate all day.  Luckily, Jeremy works for himself, so he would take Jake everywhere with him.  He sits in the front seat just like a person does and just watches out the window.  People all over town loved him!  The bank, the cleaners, the gas station – they would all get excited when he came through because they thought it was so funny how he just sat in the truck.  And of course, Jake loved the attention!

My love

Jake also loves kids!  Anytime our cousin comes to stay, Jake wants to sleep with him and he follows him around everywhere.  I was babysitting one of my friend’s babies one time.  She was around 8 months old.  Jake sat right next to her carrier and just watched her.  If she made noises, he would cock his head to the side.  If she cried, he wanted to lick her.  The whole time she was there, he never left her side.  He will be a good big brother when we have kids.

jake (1)

This summer, our local animal shelter hosted a race to raise money for the shelter.  They had a dog run, so we took Jake.  They had swimming pools set up at the finish line.  Jake was the only dog that would get in them.  The others would just drink from them, but Jake tried out all of the pools before he found the right one.  This was the third year that Jake has gone to this race.  The dog part is not a race, but Jake thinks it is.  As soon as they sound the horn to go, he takes off full speed until he crosses the finish line.  The other dogs just walk or jog, but Jake thinks he needs to win.  He must get that from me!  This summer it was way too hot for him, so we didn’t let him run because we didn’t want him to get sick. (The picture is last summer)


I love it when he gets excited and runs around with his butt tucked under.  He will run in circles until he is tired and just flops down on the floor.  We laugh so hard at him when he does that.  He is very entertaining.

jake (11)

He is so full of energy and personality.  He is such a happy dog and is always wagging his tail and wanting someone’s attention.  He never meets a stranger and he is so friendly.  He is so smart.  He knows what we are saying when we talk to him.  He also knows where his treats are, and he will sit in front of the cabinet and bark at us if he wants one.  He may be a little lot spoiled!  But, I want to make sure he is happy and healthy.  I want him to be around for a long time!

My toys

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