Doctor’s Orders

I finally broke down and went to the doctor to get my leg checked out.  After my run this past weekend, and my failed attempt to walk, I finally had to face the fact that my leg is not getting any better, it’s been 6 months! I am so stubborn when it comes to injury.  I don’t want to admit it, and I just want to ignore it and hope it goes away. (I know it’s dumb!)  I don’t think I’m completely ready to accept what this is going to mean, but I did make the first step.

Run and Live Happy

I called the doctor yesterday morning, and luckily they were able to get me in the same day. He looked at it, and felt around on it, and pushed on it.  (It still hurts from that!)  He even did an x-ray in the office, but nothing abnormal with my leg came up.    (It did show a small bone spur on my knee cap, which I thought was interesting.)  So now, I am scheduled for an MRI next week.  He was pretty sure that they are going to be looking for a stress fracture.  He said it was very concerning that I have taken off most of the summer and the pain has not gone away.  He was also concerned where the pain was, and how often I have it.  I left there yesterday with orders of “absolutely no running”, wear tennis shoes, and to stay off of it as much as possible.Doctor's Orders


I am really having a hard time dealing with this.  Part of me wants to know what’s wrong and get it fixed, but the other part wants to ignore it because I’m really scared about what this is going to mean.  I am nervous about how long I am going to be off from running.  It’s just so frustrating.  But, I keep telling myself that I’m not being able to run the miles like I was because of this, and I think that’s more frustrating.  I went from running 14-15 miles at a time to barely making it 6.  And, after I run I am in so much pain that I have to just sit with ice on it and take a day or two off between runs.  I used to be able to run 5-6 days a week.  In the last couple of months, I have had a few runs that were more than 3 miles, but I have mostly been struggling to make it even 2 miles before there is so much pain that I can hardly walk home.  Plus, I have only been able to try to run maybe 3 times a week.Doctor's Orders


I’m hoping that it won’t be too serious, and that I will be off for a little while and then be able to bounce right back – but that’s being way optimistic.  The doctor started talking about treatments for what he is thinking it is, and I must have glazed over and looked completely panicked because he started laughing at me and told me not to freak out until we know for sure what it is.

Wish me luck!!

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