Relax and Unwind

This week the weather finally cooled down, and it is absolutely beautiful!  I want to be outside as much as possible.  The sun has been out, and there is a cool breeze blowing.  I actually had to wear a jacket one night, because we took the Jeep out.  It gets a little chilly after dark with no doors or roof!

This weekend was filled with much needed rest and relaxation.  We are always go, go, go so weekends like this are very rare for us.  We didn’t leave the house much.  Friday night we hung around the house and watched TV.  It was nice to not have to get dressed up to go anywhere.  We sat around in our PJ’s.  For dinner, we fixed some ribs, but they didn’t taste very good, so we didn’t eat much of them.  My friend’s daughter was selling them for a fundraiser, and I bought a slab.  I guess from them being frozen and then recooked, they just weren’t very good.  The first couple that I put on my plate were completely black with a spice rub caked on it.  Luckily, Jeremy had picked up some hot links and polish sausage from a barbeque restaurant in town on his way home, so we ate those instead.

We slept in until around 9 on Saturday morning.  Then we went to the outdoor shop to pick up Jeremy’s bow and to shoot mine.  I haven’t shot it any since last November, so I was pretty happy with my first shot!

Take a load off Run and live happy

After shooting our bows for a while, we left and went out to our land.  We spent the day putting up blinds, filling up feeders, and checking cameras.  We are officially ready for hunting season! There is a huge butterfly in this picture.  It distracted me for awhile!

Relax and unwind

When we finished up at the land, we went home and got ready to watch the OU football game.  It was a pretty good game.  I have never seen overtime in a college football game before.  And, they came back and won!  BOOMER SOONER!

We had planned on going out to eat Mexican after the game, but we were both too tired.  So, we ordered a pizza and went over to my father-in-law’s to watch the rest of the OSU game.  We ordered pizza from Dominoes.  We got a pepperoni, hamburger, and bacon pizza and it was really good.   We also got some hot wings.  But, I don’t think their hot wings are all that great.  So, I just had one to try them.  I don’t eat pizza very often, so when I do I really enjoy it!  Plus, I love Dominos because their pizza doesn’t have a ton of sauce on it, and it isn’t greasy.  Anytime that I eat Mazzios, my stomach gets upset because of the grease.

Relax and unwind


We went home around ten and went straight to bed.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  I slept all night and until 10 the next morning.  That is so unusual for.  I usually wake up at least two or three times a night, and I am always awake by 5:30 am.  I knew I was exhausted, so after that much sleep I felt great when I woke up!  When we got up we ran to the grocery store to get that out of the way for the day.


I bought all of the Dannon Light and Fit Caramel Apple Pie Greek yogurts that I could find!  I will be hunting for more this week.  I’m going to get as many as I can before they quit making that flavor.


After unloading groceries, I made all of my lunches for the week.  I really like planning what I’m going to eat and having it ready for the week.  This helps me to stay healthy.  If I don’t have a lunch made, I am more tempted to go out for lunch, and not eat healthy.

meal prep

I made salads with a spinach, kale, and arugula blend.  I topped my lettuce with some grilled chicken.  I have been using the Oscar Meyer Carving Board Chicken.  It’s in the deli meat section.  It’s fast, cheap, and it tastes good.  One package will make 5 salads for me.  On top of that, I added some grilled veggies.  I grilled a red bell pepper, 2 green bell peppers, and 1 zucchini.  I love the way grilled vegetables taste.  The caramelization that the grill gives them is so yummy.  I could eat a bowl of them by themselves!

Grilled Veggies


Here is my dressing for the week.  SkinnyGirl poppyseed dressing.  It is sugar free, fat free and very low calorie.  It tastes like the sweet onion sauce at Subway.
SKinnygirl dressing

Then I made some lemon and lime water to have this week as well.  I squeezed the juice of 4 lemons and 4 limes into a pitcher and filled it up with water.  There are tons of benefits of drinking lemon water.  I like it because it helps with digestion and because they are full of potassium and vitamin C.

lemon lime water

Once I had all of my food for the week prepared, we spent the rest of the day outside.  The weather was beautiful!  Jake loves being out in this weather, I can’t ever get him to come in.


I played with him and took a walk while Jeremy mowed and worked in the yard.  After my run Friday night, my leg has hurt bad all weekend!  It keeps feeling like something needs to pop or snap, which can’t be good.  So, I just walked today.  I had planned on taking a long walk, but I only made it 12 minutes because of the pain in my leg.  This is so frustrating and I actually cried when I was walking home, partly from the pain and partly just cause I’m so mad.  I just want it to go away!


At least the scenery was pretty.  The leaves are falling, but they aren’t colored yet.  I can’t wait until they start turning pretty colors.  Pine needles covered the ground in some yards.  I’m so glad we don’t have one of those in our yard.  I thought those trees were really cool the way they were curved.

 fall trees

After I had my cry, I practiced shooting my bow.  I want to be like Katniss and be able to just pull and shoot and hit my target every time.  (LOL)  Actually it’s just something fun to do, and it’s something fun that Jeremy and I can do together.  My dad came over to practice with his new bow, and all of us shot for a while.

Bow practice runandlivehappy.commy bow

When we finally came in, we got ready for Sunday Night Football.  I am not big on pro-football, but Jeremy likes it.  I fixed Rotel cheese dip,mini tacos, mini chicken quesadillas, and brookies (LOL cookie brownies) for the game.  This was Jeremy’s pick.  He loves cheese dip with sausage in it.  I can’t eat very much of this because it upsets my stomach.  I really think I am lactose intolerant!  But besides that, I have a hard time eating this heavy food.  It is so filling so quickly, and it doesn’t set well.  But, I liked the cookie brownies!

Jake photo bombed!
Jake photo bombed!

So basically, we ate junk all weekend!  I will eat rally good this week, and drink a ton of water!

 Overall, it was a great weekend! I love weekends like this when we have no commitments and nothing to do.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be at home and unwind and unplug!

What did you do this weekend?

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