Where Does Time Go?

This week has flown by so fast, I feel like it’s all been a blur!  I am completely exhausted and am in desperate need of some rest.  I have been hitting snooze all week, and have had to drag myself out of bed.  I’m usually awake before the alarm goes off.  I guess that’s probably from staying up way too late and getting up way too early.  This week it has been at least midnight every night before I have gotten to bed and then I’m up no later than 6.  Plus, I have a very hard time sleeping.  I haven’t really done anything too interesting, but there are a couple of things that I do want to share with you.

Beautiful sunrise this morning.
Beautiful sunrise this morning.

The most exciting thing that I did this week was finding a new yogurt flavor – Dannon Light & Fight Greek yogurt Caramel Apple Pie flavor. IT. IS. AWESOME!!  I can’t even begin to describe how good this yogurt is!  It was like biting into a piece of apple pie.  It seriously tasted just like apple pie, and it had tiny pieces of apples in it.  It also had a bit of a cinnamon flavor, which reminded me of a churro.  I could eat this for breakfast or dessert!  This is my new favorite flavor, I’m obsessed with it.  I’m bummed that’s it’s just a limited edition, so I’m going to go this weekend and buy every one of them that I can find.  If you like apple pie, you should try it!  It is probably the best yogurt I have ever had! ( I really wish they would come out with a pumpkin pie flavor too! )

Run and Live Happy Yogurt

On Wednesday, all of my family got together to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  My grandma made lasagna and salad.  I am not a big pasta eater, so I didn’t eat much lasagna, but I did fill up on the salad and fruit.

Run and Live Happy Family DInner

She had some gigantic black grapes and they were so juicy and sweet.  I could have eaten all of them, but I thought I should save some for everyone else.  She said she found them at ALDI.  I’m going to hunt for those this weekend as well.

Where does the time go?  Grapes


We also had cake and homemade ice cream.  My grandma bought the cake at the Wal-mart bakery and it smelled and looked really delicious, but it was disgusting.  I ate a couple of bites and threw the rest away.  It had a ton (literally) of butter cream icing on it, which I am not a fan of.  There was more icing than cake.


(As you can probably tell, we don’t have any good grocery stores where I live!)

My mom’s cat is obsessed with my hair!  She licks it and tries to eat it.  She’s so weird!

Run and Live Happy

The next interesting thing I did was on Thursday.  I downloaded the Blogilates app and subscribed to the workout calendar.  I did the upper body workout on Thursday and holy cow I was sore on Friday.  I guess that’s a good thing!  Friday was actually a rest day on the calendar, but I went back and did the lower body workout from Wednesday.  It is a challenge, but I like it!

Run and Live Happy
Before my run


In running news, I got in a 4 mile run last night.  It was hard and it was really painful.  I think I have finally decided to break down and go to the doctor about my leg.  It has been bothering me since March, and I’ve just been stubborn about it.  I figured they would only tell me to stop running, so I took off pretty much the whole summer.  I only ran one race this summer, and besides that I maybe ran a handful of times.  I started back the first of August, and was doing pretty good.  I was only going between 3-6 miles at a time but I was really taking it easy.  But, in the last couple of weeks the pain has really come back full force!  I am getting really frustrated because I can’t run very far or for very long without pain, and now it hurts all the time even when I’m not running.  It’s just depressing to not be able to go out and run the miles like I want to, and do it comfortably.  I actually cried last night because I was so mad that I couldn’t run further.  I keep pushing myself to run through it, but I know that’s dumb.  I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m not getting any better, and I’m probably just making it worse by trying to ignore it.  So, I am going to call next week to make an appointment to see what’s wrong with it.  I’m praying that it isn’t a stress fracture!

After my run :(
After my run 🙁


I’m planning on relaxing the rest of the weekend.  We don’t have any plans, but we’ll see how that goes.  It seems like something always comes up.

What are you doing this weekend?

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