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I thought I would write a post about a couple of blogs that I really love. I have been reading these both for awhile now, and both of them actually inspired me to start my own. I kept reading them every day and thinking that they are just normal people like me. They do a lot of the same things I do, and I thought I can write about that too. But, the reason I wanted to write about these two blogs is because they have inspired me and motivated me in tough times to make a change into a better me. They have both helped me in ways that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t been reading their blogs. That’s crazy to me because I’ve never met either of them, but because they wrote about their lives, I was able to find the strength to better mine. I really admire both of these ladies.  So, if either one of you ever read this, THANK YOU, for writing your blogs and sharing so much of yourselves with all of us.

Simply Taralynn

I came across Taralynn’s blog on Pinterest a couple of years ago. When I found her, I was overweight and was really discouraged. I had tried all kinds of diets, but I was never consistent with anything, and when I didn’t see immediate results I would quit. When I read her story, I was so inspired. I related to so many things that she said. She gave me hope and the motivation to really try hard. I started walking and then that turned into jogging and then into running. I started making healthier choices with my meals. And instead of trying to starve myself or completely deprive myself of something I just started paying attention to how I felt after I ate it, and I really tried hard not to overeat, and to only eat when I was hungry. I followed her advice about what had worked for her, and reading her blog was like a daily form of encouragement. And, I’m happy to say that it really worked for me. Reading about her struggles and her successes, helped me to realize that I wasn’t alone in this battle, and that I could do it too.
Taralynn is an inspiration. I really respect and admire her for the way that she handles things so gracefully. In my opinion, she is very brave for putting her life online for everyone to see. That’s what I respect about her. She is a normal person, she makes mistakes, and she’s not perfect. No one is, and it is nice to see someone that is willing to show the good and the bad and help others along the way.
This is probably creepy, but I don’t mean it to be, because I’m not a weirdo. But, Taralynn has really made an impact on my life, and I am very grateful. Without her blog, I don’t know that I would be where I am today. I am 55 pounds lighter and have kept it off for almost 3 years. I make healthier choices and I run! I feel so much better than I did before. I feel healthy and I have so much more energy. I worked at it to get here, but she motivated me through her blog. I know this all sounds crazy because I’ve never met her, but being able to read about her struggles gave me the support I needed when no one around me understood what I was going through.
Run Eat Repeat

This blog is written by a girl named Monica. When I found this blog, I had already lost weight, but was now starting my serious running journey. I wasn’t running anymore to lose weight, I was running because I love it. So, that’s why I liked her blog so much because she writes all about running. I found her on Instagram a little over a year ago. I started following her because she is a runner. Then I continued to follow her because she is really funny! I also felt like I related to her story as well. She used running to lose weight and then was able to learn to listen to her body about when she was really hungry and when she wasn’t.
I really enjoy reading about how much she runs and all the different races that she does. She inspires me to run more. When I need motivation to run, she gives me that. She has run races that I had never heard about, and now I want to go do them. I never thought I would travel for a race, I just thought I would run local ones. But after reading about all the fun races that she does, and seeing her pictures, I plan on doing them too! I now want to do a Rock N Roll race and a Disney race. I ran my first half marathon this year. I never had even thought about running that far, but as I read her blog and she talked about running half marathons and how fun they were, I decided I wanted to try.
Another thing that I like about Monica is how she writes reviews about lots of different foods and products that she tries. She has gotten me interested in Stitch Fix, and she also got me interested in getting eye lash extensions. (Luckily I have a cousin who does this!) I also want to try the Advocare products.
I just really like her blog because it is centered around running. But, she adds in her personality and makes me laugh. I enjoy reading her adventures every day!


These are both blogs that you should definitely check out!


Who inspires you?  What blogs are you reading?

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