Last Weekend of Summer

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This is the last weekend of summer and I’m really bummed. I love summer; it’s my favorite time of the year.  I always hate when it’s over because I hate cold weather.  I don’t like having to be inside all the time.  I will say though, that I like running in the cold more.  I can breathe easier when it’s cold.  Some of my best race times have been in really cold weather!

As sad as I am for summer to end, I am ready for fall.  I do better running when it’s not so hot.  I like it when I can get off of work in the afternoon and get my run done.  I have a hard time getting it in if I wait until later in the evening when it cools off.  It seems like something always comes up, or by the time I get home and sit down I’m too tired to get back up.

Plus, I love all things fall.  I love the weather, and how it’s not too hot or not too cold.   I love everything pumpkin!  In the summer, I want to be by a pool or at the beach.  But in the fall, I want to be home!

To celebrate the end of summer, I have a weekend packed full of fun!  But, first of all, I had an awesome run this morning.  I ran 6 miles and felt so good about it.  I have days where I know it’s a bad run day and even though I get it done, I’m unhappy with how it went.  Today, was a good run day.  It felt good, and I wasn’t having to push myself to get it done.The Last Weekend of Summer

After my run, I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  I used PB2 and Smuckers Low Sugar grape jelly on Sara Lee 45 Calorie Multi Grain bread.

The Last Weekend of Summer

Later today, we are going to the lake with some family!  We always have a lot of fun at the lake.  Our cousin has a lake house, and we all stay together.  During the day, we take the boats out on the water and spend the whole day out there.  They have a ski boat and a pontoon.  Sometimes I will go on the ski boat and ski a little bit.  But, I like to relax more, so I usually just stay on the pontoon and lay out and tan.

When we get back to the house at the end of the day, we will cook out on the grill and just sit around and talk.  We have a lot of fun getting together with this part of our family because we all live in different towns.

Here are some of the necessities that I’m taking with me to the lake:

Snacks:  Lipton’s Diet Green Tea, Sparkling Water, Pistachios, & Nature Valley Granola Bars

Summer Snacks

Swim suits – you gotta have these!

Last Summer Weekend

Flip Flops – my favorite kind of shoes (behind running shoes)

Last Weekend of Summer

Sunscreen Chapstick – I never go anywhere out in the sun without this!

Summer Sunscreen

Sunglasses – you never can have too many pairs.


I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!  I’ll talk to you next week!

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