Top 10 Favorite Foods…right now

As you can probably tell from my title, I do change my mind sometimes.  🙂  I find something I like and I am stuck on it for a long time.  Then I will get tired of them and go for a long time without it.  But, as of right now, these are my go-to foods.  I pretty much eat these almost every day.  For the most part, they are all healthy, but I just really do like them.

  1. Granola bars – I love granola bars because they are so handy to just grab for a quick snack. They are filling and give me energy, and they are low calorie (140).  I carry one with me at all times.  I love all Nature Valley bars, but my absolute favorite is Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Cherry.  I’ve been stuck on this one for a long time and I get really mad when Walmart is out of them!   I usually have this for breakfast and then I’ll have one for an afternoon snack before I run.  I also love Bear Naked Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter bars.  They taste like no bake cookies!  This was the best find!!  These are protein bars, so they have a few more calories (250).  I eat them for lunch.  They have 8 grams of protein in them, so one of them fills me up!

Top 10 Favorite Healthy SnacksTop 10 Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. Eggs – I absolutely love scrambled eggs. If you have noticed in my previous posts, I eat these for dinner several times a week.  Scrambled is the only way that I like them though.  I could eat breakfast for every meal. Eggs are a great source of protein, and they are packed with vitamins!  #winRandomness from my week



  1. Jelly – I have a huge sweet tooth, so I am so glad that Smuckers makes low sugar jelly. I have been eating the strawberry for a long time, but I recently found the grape, and I am in love!  I just wish that it came in a handy squeeze bottle.

2015-09-01 16.04.17

  1. Toast – Just like I said before, I love breakfast foods. I like toast because it’s not as heavy as biscuits.  I can eat it and not be miserable, or feel guilty for eating a lot of calories.  I use Sara Lee 45 Calorie Multi Grain Bread for my toast.

Top 10 Favorite Healthy Foods

  1. Pumpkin – Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors. I love fall when everything is pumpkin!  Of course I love pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies, and really pumpkin anything.  But, I try to use it in a healthy way.  I am going to make some healthy pumpkin muffins this week.  So, I’ll get that recipe up soon.



  1. Yogurt – My favorite yogurt is Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt. I really like all of the flavors.  I am always stocked up on yogurt.  It’s only 80 calories and it’s the perfect snack or breakfast.  My favorite flavor is the blueberry.  I really love how the fruit flavors have real fruit in them. Plus, yogurt contains probiotics, which is a huge helper in your digestive health.

2015-09-01 16.05.01

  1. Bell Peppers – Any color! I eat these on everything.  I keep them cut up in the fridge and will eat them raw with hummus.  I sautee them and eat them on chicken.  I cut them up small and cook them in my eggs.  I love them! They are low in calories, and they contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.


  1. Chicken– Chicken is so versatile.  There are so many different ways to cook it.  (check out my Chicken board on Pinterest for ideas)  I love it marinated and broiled!  It is one of the healthiest meats that there is, and it is a great source of protein.  Plus, it’s just really good!


  1. Blackberries – Growing up, I never really liked these because of the seeds. But, a few years ago, we found several blackberry bushes in our pasture, so I started picking them.  I have bags full of them in the freezer.  I will just fill a bowl up and let them thaw out in the fridge.  I love to just eat them raw.  Usually, they are super sweet when I pick them, but sometimes I will have to put a little Stevia on them.  I keep a bowl of berries in the fridge, and they are something easy to snack on.  I will also mix them in yogurt.  But I usually just eat them by themselves.


  1. PB2 – This is my saving grace! I am addicted to peanut butter. I always have been.  However, I can look at a jar and gain 5 pounds!!  So, with PB2, I can still eat peanut butter and not have to worry about all of the calories.  PB2 still gives me the energy that regular peanut butter does, and to me it tastes better.  I didn’t realize how sweet regular peanut butter was until I started eating PB2.  I also like that I can throw it in smoothies, or use it in cookies.  It’s very versatile.  I like the regular PB2 and also the chocolate PB2.

Bonus:  Number 11:  I also love Cholula!  I eat this on everything.  Eggs, meat, tacos, anything Mexican.  It’s perfect.  It’s not too hot, but it gives you a little kick.  It has the perfect flavor.

2015-09-01 16.05.15

Here is what my dinner has looked like most nights for the last few weeks:  Sara Lee toast, Smuckers low sugar jelly, scrambled eggs with bell peppers, and Cholula.

Top 10 Favorite Foods



What are your favorites right now?

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