Weekend Recap!

Hi Everyone!

I know this post is a day late, but the Facing My Fears post needed to be posted first.  I had a really busy weekend, but as always it was a lot of fun.  Even though we had so much going on, we still got to catch up on some rest and sleep in a little bit!  I always love that!!


Alright, I’ll start with Friday night.  I went to a baseball game with one of my best friends.  Her husband was coaching and her son was playing.  My husband was umpiring.  It always makes the game more interesting when she and I go together.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  I love fall baseball games, especially at night, when the weather is not too hot or not too cold.  While we were there, I saw an old friend and got to reconnect with her.  We went to college together and she has recently moved back to town so her husband can coach at the same school that my friend’s does.  It was really nice to sit and talk with her, and I’m so excited that she’s back.  The three of us were already making plans to get together!  My best friend and I also made plans to go golfing.  I am absolutely horrible at golf!  I literally cannot even hit the ball.  But, she is pretty good, and I am awesome at driving the golf cart, so it will be a good time!

On Saturday, I got up early and went for a run while it was cool.  I had an AWESOME run – the best I’ve had in a while!  I ran 4.5 miles, and then I got a phone call from my sister and walked the half mile back home while I talked to her.  The weather was so nice.  It was overcast and cool.  There was a breeze blowing, and it wasn’t humid at all.  Which means I was able to actually breathe.

2015-08-17 18.12.12

After my run, I had to go to town to do a couple of errands – I was out of shampoo and that’s never a good thing!  Then I came home and cleaned the house.  (I’m a little OCD about cleaning!)

I have been griping about my shower and not being able to get it completely clean.  So, one of my friends told me about something her mom uses and I tried it and it worked!!  I mixed up some baking soda, vinegar, and dawn soap.  I don’t know how much of each I used, but I put enough in there to make a paste and then rubbed it all over the shower and let it sit for a couple of hours.  Then I took a magic eraser and scrubbed it off.  My grout is actually white again!

Tips to clean grout

Saturday night, we went to eat dinner with my family for my dad’s birthday.  We ate Mexican, which I love!  Jeremy and I shared some queso and then I had a taco al pastor.    After dinner, we went to my parent’s house to have strawberry cake and homemade ice cream.  I’m not a big ice cream eater – actually I could never eat it again and be fine!  It really upsets my stomach. L  But, I do love homemade strawberry cake!  The strawberries make the cake so moist!  I could have eaten half of it by myself, but I didn’t.  (I’ll have to post my family’s recipe for homemade strawberry cake – it is awesome!) After visiting with my family, we went to my father in law’s to visit for a little while before going home.  We stayed up late watching TV so we slept in a little on Sunday. My phone was dead, so I didn’t get any pictures.

When we got up Sunday, we to our lease to check our trail cameras and fill up our feeders.

IMG_4784 Yes, I like to hunt!  I used to go with Jeremy and just watch while he hunted.  But, a few years ago our cousins started hunting and I would go sit with them as well.  It was just fun for all of us to get together and have a common hobby.


I really got into it and I really enjoy that it is something that Jeremy and I can do together. Before, I was always at home alone during hunting season.  But not anymore!  And, yes we do eat the meat, and if we end up with more than we can eat, we donate it to Hunters for Hunger or just give it away to friends and family.  You’ll hear more about this as the season gets closer.

Ok, back to Sunday – after leaving our land, we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few groceries.  I got two cases of Lipton’s Diet Green Tea – mixed berry flavor.  I am stocked up for a couple of weeks!  I love this stuff!


I also got some new mums.  My mums didn’t make it through the extreme weather that we had this summer.  It was way too wet and then it was way too hot for them.  So they were looking pretty rough.  We planted the new ones and then we cleaned up the flower beds a little bit.


Then we cooked out on the grill.  I know it wasn’t a healthy choice, but I did eat a small serving!  We had brats and hot links and my father in law came over for dinner.

IMG_4805After dinner, we sat outside with our dog.  The weather has been so nice at night.  I’m ready for fall and for the weather to cool down a little bit during the day.  The sky was so clear, and the moon was full.  It was beautiful and it was the perfect end to a great weekend!


What did you do this weekend?

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